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  1. M_a_x P_r_e_p_s is by far the best that I have seen and its very easy to use. If you use it regularly, you can get state and national recognitions for your athletes which always goes over well with parents. It is a great way to keep your individual and team stats. I had to laugh at the censorship of the competition that I just experienced when posting this.
  2. Can anyone point me toward any middle school girls soccer tournaments during Aug/September? Appreciate it
  3. If you are offering a tournament that has a jv bracket, please email me at [email protected] Trying to locate one or two earlier in the season. If I can't find one, I may end up organizing one so let me know if you would be interested.
  4. If your team is looking for a competitive play-date, I would like to invite you to consider the Jamboree being held by Fairview High School on Saturday, 2/23/19. We will be playing on two fields, offering a guarantee of four 30-minute games (weather dependent of course), and allowing teams to bring multiple teams to participate. If interested in additional details reach out to Boys Soccer Coach at Fairview, Shane Smith. Email is [email protected]
  5. May 8th Semi-Final -Fairview 2, Montgomery Central 1 -Sycamore 5, Creek Wood 1 May 10th Final @ Fairview 7pm Fairview hosting Sycamore
  6. 1. Fairview 2. Sycamore 3. Creek Wood 4. Montgomery Central 5. Kenwood 6. Cheatham County Quarter Finals-Monday-May 7 Final Score: Creek Wood (3) Cheatham (1) Final Score: Montgomery Central (1) Kenwood (0) Semi-Finals-Tuesday-May 8 Fairview hosting Montgomery Central Sycamore hosting Creek Wood
  7. On February 24th, 2018, Fairview High School is hosting a preseason jamboree for those interested. We already have several quality teams lined up and have room for a couple more. We intend to have two fields running. Teams are guaranteed four 40 minute games. We have room for the jv teams to participate. I sent the note out to the contacts our assignor had the other day; however, I know some teams were not on the list. Hope to have the teams finalized shortly. Contact us if you are interested.
  8. Fairview High School is looking for a tournament the weekend of 4/8 - 4/9 preferably around the Nashville area; however, we might be able to travel depending upon distance. If there are others in the area that are a different weekend, we might be able to switch our date. Email me at [email protected] if you have availability or know of one. Thank you.
  9. I am new to coaching here in Tennessee so I am trying to find out some information before we get too far into the season. Where I coached previously, you had to be a member of the state coaches association for your sport for your players to receive any type of recognition for All State and etc. I am curious if it is the same here in Tennessee. When I go to the http://thssca.org page all I get is a link giving a paypal chance to join. It mentions nothing regarding the benefits or expectations of the organization. From previous experience, I have found that information is not always communicated on purpose in an effort to reduce those participating in All State and National Programs. Beyond the benefits to my players, I have always been involved in my local state association as a means of a professional commitment. Not that it matters for this topic, but I am the boy's head coach at Fairview.
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