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  1. DeKalb County High School will be hosting their 9th annual Preseason Play Day on March 9th. They are looking for one more team to participate. Anyone interested please contact Head Coach Dylan Kleparek at [email protected]
  2. DeKalbsCoachK

    Looking for a Match March 12

    DeKalb County High School in Middle Tennessee is looking to host a match on March 12th. We have Varsity and JV. Please contact head coach Dylan Kleparek if interested. [email protected]
  3. DeKalbsCoachK

    DeKalb County Preseason Play Day

    We are looking for another team for our play day. It will be on Aug. 4th. Each team will get 4 (40 min.) matches. Cost is $100. Contact Coach K at [email protected] if interested.
  4. DeKalbsCoachK

    AA State Championship Game

    I agree that Loudon comes out fast. They had us 3-0 at half, but we were able to turn it around to 4-3 by the end of the game. Loudon is very fast and passes well, but we saw Greenville in Gatlinburg playing Central Magnet and they have a very strong defense. Seeing them both play I would give the advantage to Greenville, but anything can happen.
  5. DeKalbsCoachK

    Post Season

    Oh, Boogers back... things should get interesting
  6. DeKalbsCoachK

    DeKalb County Preseason Play Day

    DeKalb County High School Soccer is hosting a preseason play day on Marcth 10th. We are looking for a couple more teams. If anyone is interested, please contact Coach K at [email protected]
  7. DeKalbsCoachK

    Exciting Soccer Season

    Well put, and congratulations.
  8. DeKalbsCoachK

    Any Soccer Coaches in TN using Hudl?

    Are any coaches in Tennessee using Hudl, and if so how do you like it? Is it worth the money?
  9. DeKalbsCoachK

    Three classes for soccer!

    I could see Cumberland and Stone Memorial in District 8 and Murfreesboro Central going west with Page and others. Central to Macon and Livingston is a much farther drive than Page.
  10. DeKalbsCoachK

    Defending state Champs Greeneville

    It was a very well played game by Greeneville. They dominated ND. Way to go Devils.
  11. DeKalbsCoachK

    Division I A/AA State Tournament Predictions

    Greenville, Knox. Grace, Boyd, CCS, White House, CPA, Jackson Christian, Madison Mag.
  12. DeKalbsCoachK

    Three classes for soccer!

    Wow, 10 to 1 you are still on here insulting people and complaining about having to go to DII after your daughter has already graduated. Oh wait........that's already happened.
  13. DeKalbsCoachK

    Three classes for soccer!

    There are 16 teams in the A-AA Regional Finals. Next year 7 will be DII, 3 will be A, and 6 will be AA.
  14. DeKalbsCoachK

    Three classes for soccer!

    A: Chucky Doak, Rockwood, CSAS, Merrol Hyde, White House Heritage, Fairview, Raleigh Egypt, Power Center, Madison Magnet AA: Greenville, Elizabethton, Knox. Catholic, East Ridge, Hixon, Murf. Central, White House, Hume-Fogg, Montgomery Central, Page, South Gibson, Chester Co., Lexington, Dyersburg, DII: Univ. School Jackson, Knoxville Grace, CAK, Boyd Buchanan, Chat. Christian, Notre Dame, Lipscomb Academy, CPA, Jackson Christian,
  15. DeKalbsCoachK

    Three classes for soccer!

    Of the 32 teams in D1 A-AA Regional Tournament, next year 9 will be A, 14 will be AA, and 9 will be D2.