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  1. Sorry, but we don't have a daughter. We just love basketball at all levels and hate to see some schools and administrations covertly recruit while the TSSAA counts its money.
  2. Perhaps, but If the TSSAA is only going to be concerned about pizza money then what good is it?
  3. You might be right. Some player's families can't afford to rent a second home or move on a whim. Bradley did have a transfer last year.
  4. Some good and valid points. However, there are many cases that are quite obvious like if a girl plays AAU and her coach just happens to also coach a high school team in another town and she magically transfers to that school. Or when a girl transfers 3 or 4 times in 4 years. Or when one parent rents a cheap apartment in one town while the rest of his family stays in their home in another town. The TSSAA seems to have no interest in pursueing these abuses. The least they could do is set a precedent by at least once punishing a coach or a school
  5. Good points, but the transfer fever will continue at some schools until the TSSAA gets a backbone!! Every coach or administrator who encourages a child to transfer should be fired. Way too many young women spend years working their butts off for a school only to have someone walk in from out of town and put them on the bench. I would really like to know if any school without transfers has won a state championship in the last several years.
  6. Some transfers are probably living with their 3rd cousin on their step mom's side of the family. It apparently doesn't matter to the TSSAA. All the TSSAA has to do is check the addresses parents list on their Tax Returns and simply require all transfers to sit out a year unless they physically moved from another state or county and are not living even part-time in their previous abode.
  7. Well, so far that makes two schools with the transfer fever....Blackman and Mt Juliet and two schools with no transfers....Jefferson County and Morristown West. How about the other four AAA at state?
  8. With the onslaught of recruiting on the high school level in girls basketball, it would be interesting to know how many transfers each team has on their rosters. Of course, the granddaddy of transfers is Riverdale which had at least 5 on its roster this year but didn't even make the state tourney (Karma). I know Blackman has at least one stolen from Mt. Juliet. Jefferson County had zero and Morristown West had zero. Maybe some of you can help me with the transfer situation at the 5 other AAA schools. Also would be interested to know how many AAA schools that have won state championships in the last ten years did so with players recruited from other schools. I bet there aren't many. Maybe if the TSSAA was half as interested in policing this transfer mess as they are in making sure no one brings a cup of coffee into the Murphy Center, we could finally level the playing field and have some degree of fairness in high school basketball.
  9. Mo. West lost their starting point guard and second leading scorer a few games ago so SH losing Tarter should make things a little more equal. Still, I think West will have to have one of its best games with SH having a subpar game for West to win. West losing to Jeff in the district after beating them twice this year was a real downer for West. But now, maybe just maybe.
  10. Tommyman, just be thankful that schools in your area are honest and above board. Winning is nice, but integrity is everything.
  11. Not barking up the wrong tree warrior. Just commenting on the FACT that Riverdale encourages transfers instead of working with and building up the girls who grew up in Riverdale schools and who must step aside to allow multiple transfers to move into town just long enough to win another tainted trophy. I would love to see local teams grow and develop players in their own communities who have lifelong loyalties to their towns and their schools. An occasional transfer is normal, but having all five starters is a disgrace to the concept of school spirit and loyalty. I'll leave it at that.
  12. So 100% of Riverdale's starters transferred from other schools. The TSSAA definitely needs to take a closer look at the shenanigans at Riverdale !!!
  13. Fairness , integrity and equality sure mean a lot to most, but apparently not to the coaches and administration at Riverdale.
  14. I see that 60% of Riverdale's starters transferred in from other schools and 80 % if you count the senior who transferred there after the 8th grade. Sounds like an investigation by the TSSAA might be in order at some point.
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