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  1. I'm not gonna blame anyone for taking or giving the game away, but seriously? That can't be your best argument. Grace took the ball to the rack alot.
  2. I think the system might be good, but it has to be followed up with visual evaluations. Coach evaluations should be a good indicator, but not the end all.
  3. I think its a good idea in theory but wouldn't work in practice. As a neutral observer of many games, I have noticed that most people have a problem with every official and 90% the losing team thinks the officials caused them to lose the game.
  4. Its six feet from the defenders feet to the ball carrier's feet. The defender must be in a "defensive stance".
  5. Love it. Typical, "I don't mind private schools being D1 just as long as they don't win games".
  6. That is a rule although it is seldom applied.
  7. When Bartlett used to play in the state tournament, they brought a crowd. Science Hill and Dobyns Bennet and the schools from the Tri-Cities area always bring crowds. Don't blame the distance.
  8. Speaking as a uninterested, TSSAA patch-wearing spectator of the Humboldt-Manassas game, all the charges were spot on. Manassas would set up for at least 2 seconds and would be promptly run over. The officials did a great job of in that game. It was good to see a Region 3 official out there making his association look good.
  9. Will Brett Lowrey play against Temple?
  10. When does the 'Fuquan Show' start?
  11. You caught me in a typo when I was trying so hard. I failed. I didn't bring the past up. You guys owned us during the Skogen era. It's just ridiculous that "it's not a rivalry".
  12. No, but it was the only losing season Grace had in that stretch of time. Actually, the true first season of new millennium would have been 2001-2002 since the year 2000 and 2001 are apart of different millennia. Are you serious? How many National Merit Finalists did you graduate with? Of the twenty-eight people in my grqaduating class there were two. I won't go into how many future doctors, lawyers, and engineers are in that bunch either. (You shouldn't capitalize "millenium" or spell it that way.)
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