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Purple & Gold Standard

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  1. Purple & Gold Standard

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Carson Cary's mom and dad graduated from Union City so I'm good with him winning it all … I'll be pulling for them and Humboldt …
  2. Purple & Gold Standard

    Lake County 2019 schedule

    That's the way you get ready for the playoffs … Nice schedule …
  3. Purple & Gold Standard

    2019 Football Schedules

    Union City Golden Tornadoes Aug. 23rd @ Lake County Falcons Aug. 30th vs MLK ( Memphis ) Sept. 6th vs Adamsville * Sept. 13th vs Booker T Washington ( Memphis ) Sept. 20th @ Gibson County * Sept. 27th @ Jackson South Side Oct. 4th vs Trenton Peabody * Oct. 11th vs Dyersburg Oct. 18th @ McKenzie * Oct. 25th OPEN DATE Nov.1st @ Halls *
  4. Purple & Gold Standard

    UC @ Peabody (Golden Tradition) (Gold Rush)

    Welp you get your rearend handed to you twice you just got to tip your hat ... Congrats PEABODY Bring home the Gold ...
  5. Purple & Gold Standard

    UC @ Peabody (Golden Tradition) (Gold Rush)

    You know the first match-up with Peabody really doesn't matter . The Tornadoes were down to their third string QB which also meant two of their best defensive backs were out as well. The McKenzie game UC lost saw Kaleb Craig, who has rushed for 2,034 yards this season, have only 48 yards on 15 carries and was playing hurt. You can say excuses but those are facts. Nobody in 2A has played the schedule UC has this season. @ Mayfield (12-0) @ Penns Grove, NJ (11-0) @ Fairley (9-2) vs Jax SS (10-2) and vs Peabody (11-1). Those are facts. UC is healthy now. It will be a different game. If my memory serves me, UC was down 28-14 to Peabody and had the ball coming out of the half. Score and make it 28-21 who knows what happens and that was with a bunch of kids playing out of position. Maybe Peabody is like Dresden was in 2016 and is just better than UC but they have it to do. UC can't have penalties and they have to hold on to the ball. They have to make a few stops on defense. If they do that, they will win. Throw the 7-5 UC record out the window. This is much different team now.
  6. Purple & Gold Standard

    UC @ Peabody (Golden Tradition) (Gold Rush)

    Mine to …
  7. Purple & Gold Standard

    UC @ Peabody (Golden Tradition) (Gold Rush)

    Maybe it will snow ...
  8. Looks like the Hawks will come in tied for #9 in 4A ...
  9. Purple & Gold Standard

    Jackson Sun Sports

    Big, I think they just don't cover Lake County and Obion County period … That's why you won't see LC or UC, OC or SF mentioned in any type of Dandy Dozen or anything like that ...
  10. Plain and simple what beat us was lack of depth … Union City did everything they wanted on offense until the 4th quarter … You dominate the TOP like we did, rush for well over 300 yards, have a kid rush for over 200 yards, have no turnovers and almost no penalties you usually win … Mayfield is deeper and were running defensive linemen in and out and it wore us down late … Mayfield is a great program and they are very well coached, not only at the top but as well as top notch assistants … Those guys don't know what losing is, especially at home, and they showed that last night … I hope we gave a better account of our program than what you Mayfield fans saw from us last year … Good luck the rest of the way out ...
  11. Purple & Gold Standard

    2018 Jamborees

    Adamsville beat Lexington 13-7 ... Jax SS beat TCA 14-7 ...
  12. Purple & Gold Standard

    2018 Jamborees

    Union City beat Haywood 14-7 @ Dyersburg ... One of the TD drives was 18 plays long ... Doing what we do ...
  13. Purple & Gold Standard


    My name has been in my profile since the beginning … Never was anonymous … I had some great fun with Butchie ( Never will forget the story of the trip to Memphis and the playoff game with Manassas ), Greenfieldfan and the # 1 favorite Legend who woulda bet his house that Manassas was beating the 37-0 Golden Tornadoes in the 2008 State Championship game … Roy Dillard and his "Union County" posts … Funny stuff ...
  14. Purple & Gold Standard

    2018 Jamborees

    You are correct … Thanks
  15. Purple & Gold Standard

    2018 Jamborees

    STAR Physical Therapy - West TN Bone and Joint Jamboree @ Dyersburg, TN Munford vs Crockett County Obion Central vs Brighton Union City vs Haywood County Covington vs Dyersburg Starts @ 6 PM Friday August 10th