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  1. Union City 10 First Downs Fairley 3 First Downs Union City 154 yds rushing Fairley 34 yds rushing Union City 33 yds passing Fairley 78 yds passing Union City 187 Total Yards Fairley 112 Total Yards Time of possession UC 18:25 Fairley 5:35 Fairley has a 75 yard return
  2. Fairley 20 Union City 6 Halftime Union City dropped a pass in the endzone on 4th down with 13 seconds left before the end of the half.
  3. Who all is playing in the Memphis Harding Tournament Dec.19-21 besides Union City? … What kind of team does Ridgeway have? … UC plays them in a Hall of Fame game ...
  4. The Tornadoes are coming around … Listened at work in Ohio … Not laying the ball on the ground and sustaining drives … Chewing up chunks of yardage and clock … UC will be a dangerous play-off team if this type of play continues … The bye week comes at a good time … Get healthy for the real season coming up ...
  5. When they do The Godfather you will play the lead …
  6. Oh my what a rivalry that became for a while … Some memorable battles between Union City and McNairy Co.
  7. Wade Comer has been facing Darren Bowling coached teams since Bowling was at OCCHS. Nothing UC will do will surprise Comer. Comer seems to have a pretty good grip on what UC does. Turnovers and penalties are key. Toss-up really.
  8. You think Peabody would be able to consistently defend both the pass and the run? … I mean they are not getting pressured by our pass game … I give Peabody a slight edge but I bet it would be a shoot-out ...
  9. How do you think a Peabody/Lake County game would turn out ?
  10. I asked earlier … I heard we had 11 fumbles … How many did we lose ? … How many picked up or picked off and ran in for TDs? … How many short fields GC have to drive? … 76 yard TD pass called back on first play from scrimmage … How many penalties in all? … 35 points … 500 yards offense … 25 first downs … No way you lose that game …
  11. I hear UC hit them with a 76 touchdown PASS first play from scrimmage that got called back … Along with the TOs how many penalties were called on the Tornadoes ?
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