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  1. Do you guys really think UC is dropping down and refusing around 250k for the school? Nobody in Union City wants to be playing the Gleason and Greenfields for the next two years, it’s just the way it fell. Their Senior and Junior class is abnormally small this year. Also all 3 Obion County schools went down in enrollment this year.
  2. Have had quite a few bigger schools turn them down for a Week 1 game.
  3. Difficult part is its a lose-lose for a lot of these bigger schools. I know a lot of local schools around here have turned down the invite to play because of it. Might have to look into going into Kentucky and trying to schedule Mayfield again.
  4. Eubanks is just an incredible talent. Definitely should win the region next year. The Stangs were really fun to watch this season. Glad we don't have them in the region this year
  5. Thankfully Markle is doing his best to schedule bigger schools in the non region. USJ and Dyer Co. I still think they are trying to schedule a Week 1 game.
  6. Union City returns Keaten Brown, Jacob Arnold, and Tayehari Jones at their skill positions. They will have another big offensive line even with the loss of 3 Seniors. I'm predicting the Tornadoes to be at least playing on Thanksgiving weekend next season.
  7. Haywood is going to be good. Extremely fun to watch. Tough defense. Their point guard is very good.
  8. Could anyone get me a schedule of it or possibly just all the teams that will be participating in it?
  9. I think this one will be a pretty good one. Can’t wait to be there.
  10. I was thinking 2011. Forgot about that ‘17 year.
  11. Union City and McKenzie are right where they should be. Haywood is easily #1. Looks like a good list.
  12. Happy for this OC bunch. Huge win in Alamo! 2-0 in the region means the Rebels will be making their first playoff appearance in quite a few years!
  13. This will be a nice warmup for Westview in 2 weeks. Tornadoes have to clean up some penalties and keep the ball off the ground. Ripley will be a lot tougher than GC, Lake Co, or TCA but UC should win this one.
  14. This one will be ugly. Dresden only ran 4 offensive plays in the 1st quarter against Gibson County and lead 35-0. I don’t see anything different in this one. Tornadoes roll.
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