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  1. Done, Coach! We'll touch base a lil' closer to time and sort out the details and logistics. Thanks for coming down! You're doing a great job...keep it up!
  2. WHAT: The BPWC Summer Duals is a full day of competition hosted by the Bradley Central Wrestling Team. The Duals will be open to the first 10 teams/rosters to confirm. The rosters can be individual team or a combined team with a maximum of 20 wrestlers on each roster. (If you are bringing more than 20 wrestlers we can farm them out to other teams). The first two teams to confirm will have the option of staying in the Bradley Wrestling room for free to lower the cost of traveling expenses. IN ADDITION to the tournament, Ocoee Inn Rafting Company is offering a group rate for any teams that are interested in rafting the Ocoee on the Thursday (June 20) or Friday (June 21) prior to the tournament. Call/email Jim Kibler (423-715- 3117, [email protected]) at Ocoee Inn Rafting for more information and ask for the “Bradley Wrestling Group Rate.” WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, June 22, 2019 Bradley Central High School Gymnasium FORMAT & START TIME: We'll start tentatively around 10 a.m. EST to facilitate those teams traveling in from greater distances. Format will be Round Robin w/ a set time of an hour for each "dual". Get as many 3-minute matches (1-1-1) in as you can w/in that hour time frame. Honorary weigh-ins. Pair wrestlers up w/ opposing coaches based on comparable weights and skill levels. COST: $200 per team/roster CONTACT INFORMATION: Please call/text/email to confirm your roster me @ 423.650.2662, [email protected] TENTATIVE TEAMS: Bradley, Hixson, Halls, Beech, Centennial, Pigeon Forge. LINK FOR FLYER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s_VBjSmm_yCdlpek6RQ96w7qBcOzqBGR/view?usp=sharing MISC: We will have a trainer on site. LIGHT concession stand for parents/wrestlers and LIGHT hospitality room for coaches. Come get better before taking a break over the Dead Period. If you have any questions, please let me and we'll get it sorted out. Spread the word and looking forward to a great day of high quality wrestling. Ben Smith, Bradley Central Wrestling
  3. Thank you, NotSurprised, for the positive vibes you're sending out and the encouragement to attend. Both statements that you made are incredibly true. Additionally, he is a genuinely good dude who is all about relationships as a coach. Our sport needs more guys like Coach Leen out there leading it. Looking forward to another great camp! Spread the word and don't miss out!
  4. Google link for the official camp flyer is as follows: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g710geZdZiX5hndBU-w3451ijW513qt3JZLxyLv_VZo/edit?usp=sharing Online PayPal payments can be made on our team website: www.bradleycentralwrestling.com. Click on the "Jordan Leen National Champ Training Camp" and scroll down to the "Add to Cart" section. Link is as follows: http://www.bradleycentralwrestling.com/jordan-leen-national-champ-training-camp/ If you have any questions or would like to register and pay onsite, please email me at [email protected] We can also lodge campers overnight in our wrestling building if traveling from greater distances. Just contact me to arrange accommodations. Come get better...Coach Leen is a STUD!!! Looking forward to a great camp, God Bless, and Go BEARS!!! Ben Smith, [email protected]
  5. JORDAN LEEN’S NATIONAL CHAMP TRAINING CAMP Hosted by BRADLEY CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL DATES: Fri, June 7 - Sat, June 8, 2018 LOCATION: BCHS Wrestling Room TIMES: Session #1 6-8 PM EST WHO: Middle/High School and Session #2 9-11 AM, Session #3 12-2 PM Advanced Kids Clubbers COST: $50 for all 3 sessions or $20/session (if unable to attend all sessions). Register/pay online with Trackwrestling. To Register, search “Jordan Leen’s National Champ Camp” under the Browse and Search Events tab at Trackwrestling.com or cut/paste into browser bar: https://unapproved website/registration/BasicPreReg1.jsp?tournamentGroupId=145386132 WHAT TO EXPECT: The most current technique that is winning championships Intense Drilling and Live Wrestling The best training environment available in the South Designed for the serious wrestler who desires a combo of technical instruction and competition All aspects of the sport will be covered, with special attention paid to the physical,psychological, and character development of each wrestler HAVE FUN!!! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *Camp Registration Form* Camper Name: ____________________________________ Age: __________ Yrs. Wrestling: __________ Club Affiliation: _________________________________________ Parent’s Name and Phone #: ______________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________ Email: ________________________Please complete form, detach, and mail to Bradley Wrestling Club, 1000 South Lee HWY, Cleveland, TN 37311. Send full payment with registration form please. Make checks payable to “Bradley Wrestling”.
  6. Agreed, sir. But, please understand, that our "fans" or a few "fans" do not speak for us or our program as a whole. Most of the people on here are nameless, faceless entities who actually know very little or at least present inaccurate information. So, let me speak for our coaches and our program and clear any air. The hard work that HCWC and CHS has put in over the YEARS on ALL levels is noticed, noted, not taken lightly, and motivating. Hence, the change on our Kids level and continued rigorous off-season schedule for our MS and HS levels. Our staff and theirs, generally speaking, have a very good, respectable working relationships. I would say, at least from our side, that there is mutual respect. Whatever economical advantages they may or may not have (on the record, I have no clue what they do or do not receive from Mr. Jones or anyone, if anything...I'm not on their staff...nor do I have access to their books), there is no disregard for their hard work and time that they put in...as a whole, from HCWC (all levels), Cleveland Middle, and Cleveland High. We notice and respect all hard work that is being put in across the state. Hence the rise of other AAA powerhouses and regulars at the top of the rankings, not just Cleveland/HCWC. So, fooseball95, I hope this clears the air on where we stand as a program and coaches. Best of luck tonight. Hopefully we'll win more than one or two matches as predicted by some. God Bless and Go BEARS!!! Ben Smith, Bradley Wrestling [email protected], 423-650-2662
  7. Who are our Pride coaches, DaBears1976? Or, Mr. Goodman, I presume. And, since you know so much about Pride, who are they and on what levels do each of them focus on? Pride Wrestling Club encompasses all levels of our program: Kids, MS, and HS...just like most wrestling clubs do. So, you're painting w/ a very wide brush w/ the above statement. The phrase "going out (and) getting" athletes, to me, refers to recruiting athletes from other programs and coaches. Surely, that's not the way you want things done here? B/c if so, I missed that memo or meeting. And, that's not the way we want to do business at Pride, LF, or BC. Now, if you're referencing purchasing local billboards, running ads in local papers, handing out flyers at football games, renting booths at block parties/fall festivals, doing social media pushes, etc...we've been doing that for as long as I've been around for our Kids Program. What other suggestions do you have? We had over 50 kids sign-up this year and had to turn nearly 20 away due to lack of space and safety concern. Now, "keeping our talent"...perhaps. Hence the change at the top of our kids program w/ Coach Logsdon. We recognized it and have put a plan in action to stop the potential bleeding. And, I assure you, Coach Logsdon is more than just a name. Give him time and we'll be just fine. He's yet to finish his first year. Just because we don't blast or paste every little practice, trip, or tournament a wrestler or team full of wrestlers of ours takes, doesn't mean that they're not out there working and competing. In the words of Coach Logsdon and Coach Jackson, we prefer to just paddle our own canoe. If our backs deserve to be patted, we prefer others to pat them...not ourselves. Now, Pride MS or HS Coaches being lazy? That's the farthest from a fact and just plan offensive. Any given weekend in March, April, May, and/or June you can find a contingent of Pride wrestlers and coaches at just about any TNUSAW event. We support ALL TNUSAW events and even host one...the Keller Classic...have for years now. You should check it out. We've had very high if not the highest number of entrants in just about all TNUSAW sanctioned events for several years now. And, that's not counting our support of the Dixie Duals (for years) and/or now King of the Hill Duals and VA Beach Nationals in March OR our string of summer duals that we attend every weekend in June up until the dead period begins. Again, this has been the norm for us since 2012. Don't forget about the kids we've had on schoolboy, cadet, and junior teams the past several summers. Doesn't seem to lazy to me. But, again, I'm open to suggestions as I'm sure that all our many other Pride MS and HS coaches are. Not back-patting here...just defending our Pride Coaches (myself included) for being tabbed as lazy. But, if being lazy means not "going out (and) getting" talent, then, I suppose we are lazy. But, we're at least out working, conditioning, practicing, and finding competition all spring and summer whether it's posted on social media or blasted in the local paper or not. We've put a plan and a great coach w/ a great staff in place now for the kids level and we'll keep doing what we do in the off-season on the MS and HS levels. All we can do is work hard, provide opportunities, and do the right things. If that occurs, winning and losing takes care of itself. And, we're thankful for Mr. Jones and his matching funds that he's provided us through the Jones Foundation. This has helped w/ the revival of our kids program. So, whatever "rumors" that you've heard, are obviously false. But, as the proud alumni that you are, we appreciate your concern and opinion. I look forward to seeing you and many other Bear fans tomorrow. Rest assured, we'll do our best. We do not intend to lay down. That's not our style. Lastly, fooseball95, you won't hear any excuses from my staff, my program, or myself. Josh and the HCWC crew do a great job as does Joey and his. So, please don't confuse others w/ us. Best of luck to both programs involved tomorrow night. God Bless and Go BEARS!!! Ben Smith, Bradley Wrestling 423-650-2662, [email protected]
  8. Update: Coach Sutherland at Boyd Buchanan in Chattanooga has expressed interest in getting his Bucs under the light here at Jim Smiddy arena on the above mentioned date (Tuesday, 12/4). In his words, they are young and have a small squad. But, he'd like for them to have the experience and see a Bradley dual meet atmosphere. We're looking for another team that would be willing to make it a tri-meet w/ us and Boyd and help both of our programs out. If interested, please email me ASAP. God Bless and Go BEARS! Ben Smith, [email protected]
  9. Update: We have a team interested in coming down but would like to make it a tri-meet if possible. Anyone interested in picking up a few duals at BC on Tuesday, 12/4, please let me know ASAP.
  10. We are looking to book one more home dual meet at Bradley Central on Tuesday, December 4. We are travel heavy this year and home light. Our basketball team is away on that date, therefore we have early access to the gym and could run a full slate of JV matches prior to a varsity dual underneath the light at Jim Smiddy Arena. Date and schedule permitting, we would return the favor for the '19-'20 season. If interested please contact me and we'll get it on the books ASAP. Ben Smith [email protected]
  11. Bump Register online at Trackwrestling: http://unapproved website/registration/BasicPreReg1.jsp?tournamentGroupId=56015132 Contact Coach Smith @ [email protected] if you have any questions.
  12. The Bradley Invitational is Dec. 14-15. Farragut has been to our tournament many times before. If interested, email me at [email protected] Thanks, Ben Smith, Bradley Wrestling
  13. Thoughts and prayers for Soms and the entire Sommers' family from Da Bears, Bruins, and Pride family.
  14. Mr. Sells, I didn't take your inquiry as critical. I apologize if my response seemed as if I did. I was just trying to answer your question. Rough weekend for Mid primarily due to prom, in my opinion. Otherwise, w/ full participation, they're a force to be reckoned with. Hope that all is well and looking forward to seeing a Blaze crew at the Keller this weekend.
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