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  1. Congrats on making it this far, you guys gave us all we wanted early. Ignore the "Fulton can't beat___" we all know that we could, next year 4A is wide open, we lose a lot of fire power. You guys will have a shot at the gold ball next year.
  2. They were very very even, a missed PAT was the difference.
  3. Dressed and used as a decoy at times, didn't touch the ball, but maybe twice. 54-14 Fulton win.
  4. Alcoa had a chance to prove your theory, but they didn't want none, that's a fact. PS: You're a 3A school, and you don't have the scoring record.
  5. Back to back state champions, broke the state scoring record, what a year!! So proud of them boys from Broadway!! GO FALCONS!!!
  6. With Rollins we're top 5, without 9 or 10. It's all opinion though. The fact is we're Champions for the second straight year, and i'm good with that.
  7. Let's get some backups in and give them some experience. This one is over
  8. You add a healthy Rollins and we're probably at 60 right now, not saying we're the best overall in state, but to that guy that had us outside the top 10....You're wayyyyy off.
  9. I would, but on another thread at another time.
  10. So proud of my Fulton Falcons. Back 2 back champions, broke the scoring record. What a year!! GO FALCONS!!! Heck of a run boys. PS: Another state championship for East Tennessee, do your thing tonight Maryville and bring another Gold ball East.
  11. Are you kidding me!!! TSSA ref wanting TV time I guess.
  12. I don't get why Penny held the ball so long, he's has some nice running lanes.
  13. I love having a QB that can throw like Penny can.
  14. Maybe I was wrong, they are pounding us up front.
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