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  1. 4-6 beating teams with losing records of 1-9 if that. Can't schedule your way into playoffs anymore with the new alignment.
  2. In my option, this year order is: 1. Baseball 2. Girl basketball 3. Boys basketball 4. Cheerleading 5. Football Either way football is doomed while other sports prosper. Dyersburg is a very nice school with great facilities, let hope all that money turns into gold balls.
  3. Believe me when I say you can not win by running any scheme. Your team has to match the skill set of that offense. That's like saying alabama would have been good running the veer this past season. When you have big thick kids, you don't spead them out and run a fast pace offense. You adjust to the type of team you have. Adding little parts of differents schemes to balance your offense is a good way to mix things up. Once again it's hard to do these things when you only know the Franlin System. Diversity is the key to winning unless you have the superior team like a union city. Even Dyersburg coaches have some spread plays the run even though they are a wing T. You have to put your players in the right situation to execute.
  4. Those things help but it doesn't necessarily mean more success. I think they need some new flame at the helm. Somebody young with some new innovative ideas to get the kids more prepared for their opponents. A coach that knows how to make adjustment and not depend solely on the Tony Franklin System because that's all they know..
  5. What will it take to get this program turned back around? Tough schedule last year and it looks to be just as competitive this upcoming season. The offense looked out of sync last season. Hope the new 2015-16 team finds the missing pieces to put together a decent season.
  6. Your QB for next year will probably be the upcoming sophomore Kevin Spencer. He doesn't have the best arm yet but if you are talking about a Malzahn offense then he won't need the best arm. If you have a QB with a strong arm and want to run a Malzahn type offense then a Oregon type offense will suit you guys better. Two backs in the backfield out of gun in tough to stop. Especially if you have some presnap motions to shift the defenses.
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