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  1. First of all in baseball the officials are called Umpires. Secondly I do not have a say in what D-B does with tournaments. Thirdly you wasn't even at the game so how can you even begin to argue wether or not the ball went over.
  2. Like I said for the 10th time, D-B started a pitcher that wasn't even in their rotation due to arm problems, and had only pitched 2 innings all year before he started that game. If I do remember correctly, D-B had the lead when he left the game, after 4. I wonder what would have happened if they didn't have a pitch count limit on him and let him go all 7? Stop whining about the officiating, D-B gets poor officiating and extra strong pools every year in Knoxville. The ball did go out, it hit the one of the poles behind the fence and bounced back in, or it wouldn't have popped up in the air. If it had just hit the fence it would have bounced straight down it's just simple. The sportsbelle is a joke, why did everyone in D-B's pool play each other but D-B? D-B was the only team out of the whole tourny who faced 2 teams from another pool in pool play?!?! There was never even a reason explained to us why either? and it just so happend it was a 1 or 2 seed from those pools in being Goodpasture and McCallie. Read carefully, I dont want to have to repeat myself yet an 11th time.
  3. Actually D-B has beatin S-D twice this year.
  4. The target on your back, just became that much bigger.
  5. What positions does Chad and Will play? Where are they from?
  6. Like I said Braves4life, D-B started a 4 or 5 pitcher in the rotation because he has had shoulder problems. They wanted to see how his arm would hold up and if he could be 3rd in the rotation, seems that his shoulder has still not healed, but he did throw 2 innings tonight....the first innings he has thrown since the Farragut game. He had the win when he came out also. I stil haven't found out what pitcher threw for Farragut? Your 1,2,3?
  7. Actually, they started a pitcher that was like their 4 or 5 because he cannot stay in the rotation long enough because of shoulder problems. He still hasn't hit the mound since that game because he was pitching with a half torn labrum. If he wouldn't have had shoulder problems and could have went the whole game then he would have. He actually had the win too until the #2 had to come in. D-B's coachs knew he would go the whole game when they started him in the first place. What starter did we see from you all? Give some respect and stop down talking the great program they have, much like yourselves.
  8. Nothing matters D-B won easily. Can't win any games when yor team strikes out 16 times in 7 innings.
  9. If there was a slaughter rule in 3 it would end in 3. Throw your ace, D-B can hit everyone elses ace they throw at thim. You might as well throw someone who doesn't care if his ERA bumps up to 10.00. Good luck though
  10. Give D-B a break, some things came up before they went down to Chatt. with Ritz's son, and he didn't even end up going, so things were a little frantic at the time, and I'm sure Mike wasn't thinking about baseball. They scrapped to the Championship with a variety of used up pitchers already, and one expected pitcher didn't even pitch, because of arm problems. Anyways, good job Owls and thanks for hosting a great tourny.
  11. I know D-B will be there, I think this is the first year they've been down there for this tournament. I also know that Ooltewah is hosting games on their field, not sure where else though?
  12. Good Luck tommorrow boys. /ph34r.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":ph34r:" border="0" alt="ph34r.gif" />
  13. BwAnG

    District 4aaa

    Congrats to Farragut, looks like they came alive in that D-B game. Great Game.
  14. How'd you guys do tonight?
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