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  1. I got to watch the Catholic vs Anderson County match last night! I new people with granddaughters, and daughters, on best sides so it was fun. AC played great starting 4 freshman, losing 3-1. I thought the ref was a little biased towards Catholic, but Catholic was an older more experienced team and deserved the win. Number 4 is clearly their best player and when they quit setting her for stretches they struggled. It was a well played and competitive match!
  2. I think in middle school there are three separate sections, called sectionals, which act as the state tournament, Is Brentwood in the TMSAA? I know Norris went to a tournament where they played team from Page, Ravenwood, Siegel, Franklin that was near Brentwood, and didn't lose any matches but I don't know enough to know if they played Brentwood or not, I only watch my granddaughters games that are here in East Tennessee. I know Norris didn't lose any matches either so they probably didn't play. How big is Brentwood middle? We have about 100 girls in the 7th and 8th grade. I was not trying to attack Brentwood, they are a wealthy and large school with a great volleyball tradition. Our school is a Title 1 school, and but for the closed club that AC coaches started they wouldn't have had the financial opportunity to play. I hope you didn't take a grandmother bragging about her team as a slam on Brentwood?
  3. You were in town and didn't let us know! Shame! I hope your family is doing well, I saw on Facebook you have another daughter getting married. Just wait until grandchildren start coming! My granddaughter plays at NMS and are the defending middle school state champs. Those four six foot upcoming freshman are just the start. When the AC coaches formed a closed club three years ago for the 12 and unders, 13s and 14s and got Harshbarger out of retirement to coach middle school and the ex AC college players, many who are mom's themselves to coach, interest in the community has exploded! Our 14s were runner up at the Atlanta qualifier and will be freshman this year and they are TALL!
  4. I am not coy! My daughter is a current club coach and former AC alum and college coach and player! I think Harden Valley may be the best Knoxville team this year, AC is obviously not in Knoxville. AC beat them last season but I though HV looked strong. Farragut loses a lot, and Parker was a special player. The Hames sisters are strong and mom is a great coach. Heritage does not impress me, AC beat them last year with two starters out. Brentwood at last years state tourney looked amazing! As a retired grandma, I go to a lot of volleyball, high school and club, and have been around since the mid. 1990s. I can't figure out why people disrespect AC so much? We are a rural, poor school. It is an hour for our kids to drive to the nearest club and 95% couldn't afford it anyway. Since 1993, my first year, AC has been to 15 state tournaments, 10 final fours, 5 finals and won a state tourney, and I bet they have had 10 club players in the schools history. Since opening in 82 they have produced over 70 All State players and sent over 50 girls to college on a full scholarship, including 30 division 1 schools. 8 years ago they got bumped to AAA but still made 7 regional tournaments. Farragut got hot during this time, but no other Knoxville team, HV, Bearden, CAK, Catholic, Maryville or Webb has winning records against AC and that includes Farragut. Their coaches realized that with the explosion of club participation they had to adapt to stay competitive. Their kids will never be financially or geographically able to play at K2 so they brought K2 type training to AC. Three years ago they focused on 10-14 year olds and now dominate at that age level. Their 14 team finished second in gold at the Atlanta qualifier last weekend. They will freshman next year. There 13s are better and they have 50 girls playing in the 5th grade. They hired ex college players, and coaches, all alum, to work with the young girls at zero cost. I respect AC. Don't write them off. Or do. It just puts that chip back on their shoulder!
  5. I don't think Brentwood or Webb can be beaten. As to the other Knoxville teams I agree that they will make state. Knoxville is not as strong this year. Heritage has no chance to get out of district. I am on the Anderson County train. They may be the best team in East TN. I am a club mom, but I also appreciate strong high school coaches and programs. Their middle school feeder was sectional, middle school state champs, last year, will repeat next year. They have 7 seniors, and they are refocused and hungry. I agree about HATING to play them. They are loud and uber aggressive but also fun to watch. SJ, who is your team and I can see if they have AC scheduled and we can watch!
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