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  1. Ballard will sit back and travel to watch Cade play for the next 4 years. No way he gets back into the grind of coaching before that. To underachieve, that means you are better than your opponent? Correct? Reading your post made me go back and look at the past seasons on Coacht. It’s hard to find teams that Cherokee beat that they were supposed too. Volunteer is about it. Sullivan Central in 2016. It’s hard to find games that they lost, that they shouldn’t have lost. According to the websites records, Cherokee is traditionally really bad for having obvious talent cycles. Winning record, .500 season, bad record on a consistent cycle.
  2. Coaches with stellar records all share at least 1 of 2 things. Really good talent and/ or a great staff. Greeneville has both. Johnny Painter could be the Head Coach at Greeneville, and they would still win. They could just hire a name... a lot of “names” are talent chasers who only coach at places with above average talent. That would be a real fit. I do agree with hiring from within. Obviously you must think Baugh has a shot, why else you come on here and constantly throw out a negative record. An overall record can be misleading, Baugh’s biggest fault would be that he took the Cherokee job in the first place. No truth on Ballard going to Kingsport. If he was going to continue to coach football, he wouldn’t have resigned in the first place. If he coaches again, it will down the road a few years.
  3. Hammonds began at Greeneville in 2005, I think. Spradlen started in 2007, and I’m pretty sure Baugh did then too. McCurry’s first year. Pretty sure that is when Ballard came back as OC. Baugh and Hammonds both left after 2015 season. Hammonds was an assistant at Gatlinburg-Pittman. Hammonds came back in 2017. To me, hiring from within has Spradlen’s name written all over it. Baugh did go out on a limb to be a head coach. I’m guessing that was Hammonds’ initial plan as well. Not sure why Hammonds didn’t stay, and Baugh went to a difficult place to win. Basically, we don’t really know anything. All we know is that the Devils staff is strong, and there are 3 popular names. 2 current staff members, and a young coach who is about as close to the current staff as an outsider could get. Should all be interesting.
  4. Who will run the offense? I have always heard that Hansel has no desire to be a Coordinator.
  5. It is now official, just saw it on Twitter.
  6. Eddie Spradlen would be great too! Being a head coach may take him away from the weightroom though. This will be very interesting to follow. If this happens, would Ballard be part of the committee to select a new guy? I just can’t see them going after somebody random from the outside.
  7. Regardless, I would like to see Baugh back wearing Greene Devil green!
  8. So what is the word as 2019 gets started (for schools) tomorrow? Is the schedule finalized? When will Spring practice take place? It will be another hard working off season if I was a betting man.
  9. A few of the guys that probably would have played in this have already moved on to basketball.
  10. Worst case scenario, if Coach Ballard moves on... who takes the reigns? Obviously wouldn’t want to change much. Do any of the current guys have any head coaching experience?
  11. Dobyns-Bennett would be one of the last places that Coach Ballard would go... that’s a rebuild that is going to be hard to turn around.
  12. I have heard that too, it would be a great time to ‘ride off into the sunset’.
  13. One thing that the youth has is... SPEED! Some of the JV skill kids can flat out fly!
  14. They will still be very good!!! More returners than people realize!
  15. Besides Witten and Ballard, who are some other names to consider in this area? Who are assistants of both that are possibilities? A younger coach would possibly be very good for DB!
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