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  1. Just like yall did last year. Keep that same energy when Greeneville drag yall, and remember who told you that s--t!
  2. You will have to throw against Greeneville, and ya'll just don't throw enough. I watched plenty of tape of Haywood from this season. Greeneville is just as big up front. They will put 7 or 8 in the box, slow the run game, and personally I dont the QB is going to be able to sit in the pocket and throw completions consistently. Greeneville does both well. You have to pick your poison with them. I hope the Tomcats can get it done. I just don't see it. Sorry
  3. Congrats to both teams. I've seen both play. IMO Greeneville does alot more offensively. Haywoods offense is too one dimensional. Physicality, and size I think it's about even. I think Greeneville holds the edge in depth as well.
  4. I'm here to eat my crow. Can I have some barbecue on mine. Good game game Haywood. Whooped us tonight
  5. Hoping that 2 mid state teams are in the Championship this year. I got a feeling Maplewood is gonna pull the upset tonight!
  6. What did he see on tape? Lol. Drastic change don't you think?
  7. A little inspiration this morning. DeviMan is fired up. Me too. It's gameday.
  8. It's game day. Safe travels. I can't wait til kickoff.
  9. I'm confused. Are you a Springfield fan, or a Haywood fan?
  10. Who pays attention to Sonny Moore? Worst ranking ever!
  11. All what noise? Most of the noise is from Devil fans wouldn't you agree. Remember they have been ranked #1 since pre season. They're expected to, and supposed to win. Most everybody on earth thinks Maplewood doesn't have a chance. They're the ones that should be blocking everything out, and should be super hype. David vs. Goliath. I said it from day 1. Maplewood has alot of talent over there. I think they play a close game. In the end Greeneville is too deep. Greeneville 28-21. My prediction
  12. The atmosphere should be electric. I'm just hoping the rain holds off til after the game
  13. Hey guys, How are the home and away sides? Springfield will bring quite a few fans. Should we bring chairs?
  14. Thing is we don't mind traveling, and travel well. I imagine our YellowJacket fans will match Haywoods crowd.
  15. Well come on. I don't think yall want that! No way they give the home semi game to Springfield.
  16. I know the are partying, and might have a parade in Gallatin.
  17. Turf field?? That means it's a fast track. Advantage/Springfield. I am glad they are looking out for the kids with this decision
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