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  1. Maplewood's high powered offense scored 14 on Tullahoma's defense with the help of some turnovers and the offensive play calling.It will different this time around. It won't be what people predict.
  2. Give Tullahoma better coaching and play calling and ain't nothing over. Talent don't always win so Tullahoma coaching staff needs to help some. I hope Tullahoma don't hold nothing back this week.
  3. I have a problem with the play calling and the head coach calls the plays. Tullahoma has a lot of talent at the wide out position. Throw the ball down the field make teams back up. The QB runs out of the pocket when he don't have to. Tullahoma plays east and west football on offense nothing is limited coaches should make adjustments Tullahoma does not. Tullahoma has just as much talent if no more then any team we have played so how has Tullahoma overachieved.
  4. I don't think they have overachieved nothing they r better then they r showing and that is the coaching that holds back the offense. You be ok with just making the playoffs most fans r not and that is all Tullahoma has ever done is just make the playoffs. Tullahoma has had great teams under Olive and blew it in the playoffs but I guess that is the kids on the fields fault. Johnny majors had a great career to and got fired because 8 and 9 wins in a season was not good enough. Tullahoma has went 10-30 the last 4 years not counting this year. Tullahoma fans should not be satisfied yet. This team can go further with some good coaching.
  5. The defense changed the way they play and they have got a lot better. Olive might be a good person but he does not open up the play calling to put the games away. He makes games closer then they should be holding back on offense. He has the defense on the field to long in every game because of play calling. If u r scared to throw the ball down field with ur QB then OLIVE should not have him in that position and as far as running he goes backward more than he does forward. If a coach wants to win then put the best players in the right position on the field.
  6. A good AD would fire his self and hire a coach that goes all out for the team to win not to hold stuff back.
  7. What Tullahoma has now could work if the coaching was not so selfish to open it up and just win games. Coaches in Tullahoma hold back on play calling afraid another team might see something just do what's right to ur team and just win the game. IT IS THE PLAYOFFS.
  8. Some fans r not content with 5-5. Would u rather have a great defense and a offense that can't move it good. R would u want a offense that can move it and a good defense.
  9. Tullahoma receivers have a average of 2 catches a game. You cant complete passes if u cant throw it. the play calling is horrible and ur man Olive calls the plays so does he really know. Every game he says he did not want to show other teams plays we have so he makes it close r we lose. Olive said he held back the offensive play calling in the regional championship and we lost. Good job on letting the team down.
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