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  1. In boys' forum, someone posted a link to the 1st state title game broadcast across the state, 62-63 Oak Ridge vs Murfreesboro Central. So awesome to see this game. My mother in law was a standout player at Midway during this era. She told me there was film, but it had been lost over the years. I know its a long shot...but I would love to know if there is any footage of any game vs Midway during that state playoff run during that era. Opponents would of been 62'-63' Porter Marie Rogers , 63'-64' Paris. We're very much a basketball family...I'd love for her grandchildren (and myself) to be able to see her play
  2. Not much 11AA fan interests this year
  3. Looks like "Team Weather" is pulling the sweep across all mid-tn...tournaments are getting moved and postponed across the state rn. "legendary"
  4. Back to make believe land.........if your Region predictions are as good as your 12AA District predictions ....then welcome to Hwy 7 where 11AA could represent 3 of the 4 spots. Not saying they will win 3 of 4 but, 11AA and 12AA are a wash this yr......12AA has Mr. Bball and 11AA has the AP ranked 7th best team in AA in the state......soooooooo.......
  5. You guys missed the boat on my post. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SAYING! 12AA keeps ignoring the REAL facts while booking a sweep. They may sweep, they may get swept...... My point to the 12AA post was, "You re living make believe land, absent of logic acting superior in a district where none of the six could claim an undisputed top spot.... until tonight.
  6. FACTS: 12AA teams return the main core/players from last yr's squads. Nol-all Srs.-except B.W., MC-KJ except Post 14 rpg, MM- W.C. minus a starter or 2, Not sure about Comm bc it was Forrest a yr ago. Things to remember: 1. MC beat Fairview this yr. 2. 12AA swept Region last yr. 3. Fairview lost EVERYTHING from a yr ago and is not a better team from a yr ago. Now....your illogical #bookit makes alot of sense. The real fact: They hs kids, at this point in season, anybody can win on any given night-#bookit #Logic>Fanboys
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