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  1. 2002 season Macon Co had 7-3 season; played Upperman in a bowl game and ended season on a high note beating the Bees. 2003 season. Macon County beat Westmoreland, LA, Dekalb, Smith Co., Upperman, Trousdale, Cannon, Jackson Co., York, ( Lost only to Portland in regular season) Region Champs for 2003 season Playoffs: beat Howard,Grundy, Smith County (10-9 with a 50 yd. field goal) Semifinals—lost to Fulton (Falcons won state) I do not have to research this info; I was present for the ‘73 and for the 2003 seasons.
  2. Macon will retain a perfect record after Portland game.
  3. 1973 , MC 10-0 for regular season. Lost to TC in first game of play-offs.
  4. All aspects of speed , size, conditioning and skill being equal, this game will be which team makes the big play and which team capitalizes on the little mistakes; coaches and players being on the same page in terms of preparation and adapting when necessary will decide which team has the most points when the final buzzer sounds. Let us all hope for unbiased, knowledgable referees who do not decide the winner, but call the game by the rules.
  5. Please purchase and read the Guru of high school football,Murphy Fair’s Tennessee High School 2021 football overview of teams that contribute information concerning the season’s outlook including key players, team strengths and building areas. Next, watch one of Smith County’s games. Finally, make an informed statement concerning the question you posed.
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