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  1. What’s this about Beerden already being on probation?
  2. Daddy ball got Coach Josh the job, he’s not going to stop playing it now. Bball coach’s son will still be QB for the mediocre bullpups.
  3. Coach Josh and Co at Bearden are not done with their crootin. Once all settles, expect state titles if they can find a QB. Those ones last year were… woof. Pun not intended.
  4. How’d the scrimmage vs the dragons go? I hear QB1 for dogs thru some pick 6s to the stout Dragon Def?
  5. “OC” doesn’t mean much when HC runs the offense. Everybody knows Matt knows that
  6. How much high school experience does he have again?
  7. I find it hilarious that Bearden hired a youth league football coach to be the head coach of their program. Recruiting is the name of the game their tho, not coaching. Ask their BBall coaches.
  8. That was until Coach Josh took over the reigns at dog house. Gas Money is no object
  9. Coach Josh is only worried about recruiting the impressionable youth from Northwest, Vine, Gresham, and Whittle Springs. That’s why he’s setting up 8th grade visits. I’m sure Billy Booster Club from West Knox will be happy when his son is waving a towel on the sideline and Baby Roadrunners are playing tailback
  10. Looks like Dogs are shying away from the Devils. Maybe Coach Josh squad isn’t as ready for the big spring carnival he was planning as he thought
  11. Doesn’t rebound imply that the program was “up” at one point? Look at the history of your alma mater, Billy.
  12. It must hurt to not always be “in the know” like you feel like you always are. But trust me man, it’s okay! I promise you’ll make it
  13. May want to go back and check your “sources” on that one, Bill.
  14. I saw on 5star that Kevin Lane is on staff. Why has he not a head coach by now?
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