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  1. Gulmire Gulmire Gulmire nuff said
  2. who do you guys think is the best db in the state this year. i think that revel coffey of OR is it for this year after picking off 8 passes last season.
  3. guees we'll see who finally steps at the QB position
  4. dont forget about OR continuing our annual thrashing of Clinton at the ship this year
  5. on behalf of my fellow former and current OR wildcats, i would like to pray for Coach Courtney, and his family. just hang on and keep on fighting homie
  6. now lets get back to the topic that i brought up when i made this thread. As i said spencer gulmire is the best rb in the state next year just wait and see. roll wildcats roll
  7. I have been in Oak Ridge for 16 years so the best teams I have seen here that didnt win state was the 2003 and 2004 teams. I think last years team 2004 was better than the 2003 team. definitely reiterate that 96 should have won it if it had not been for partying. as far as 2004 they were a good team just not as good as 03. sure 04 scored 589 points but the 2003 fielded a better defense with Schneider at DT, Mitchell at LB and Black at SS
  8. Who do ya'll think is the best team to not win state? OR's 1996 and 2003 teams were in my opinion the best to not win it all. The 2002 DB was also very talented and probably would have won it that year if it wasnt for turnovers
  9. i just want to say good luck to all the murfreesboro area 5A teams and hope to play (and hopefully) beat either one of ya in the semi's Roll Wildcats Roll
  10. but lets hope that whoever was involved in this can move on past this. Dont dwell on the negatives, shoot for the positives.
  11. i dont know the story but sometimes a rough, disciplinary coach is needed. sure the coaches care about the kids bout a coaches job depends on WINNING. for example Bear Bryant was tough on his players when he was at Texas A&M and later at Bama. And what did he up doing:winning somewhere between 6 to 8 national titles (cant exactly remember how many he won).
  12. now that Coach Stevens is the head coach, who is on his staff besides miner,layton,adams,spratling, and speas. could you also tell me their positions (i know that layton was the d-line coach , but he might change) if you have the info please post here
  13. catpack im am still waiting on yor answer .ASAP
  14. what happened to the days when we supported our teams respective coaches instead of bashing them
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