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  1. Did anybody see Unicoi drop 101 on Unaka last night at Unaka? They must have really shot well!!!!
  2. Why do you keep going back to that game for? Its a new season now and they made it farther than any other East Tennessee team last year!!!!
  3. I wish that Unicoi would get out of this weak confrence. They are way to good. Johnson County doesn't stand a chance with Unicoi. They can't even beat Boone. Unicoi will run all over them Mr. TylerDurden. And just to let you know the post is not weak as water. They will shut Bellamy and Phipps down you wait and see. And thanks for realizing that last statement you put. You should have figured that out earlier when Johnson County hasn't beat them in like 5 years. And you are right Unicoi is the best team and will roll over everyone on their schedule. We as Blue Devils fans will be disappointed if we dont win at least 30 games!!!! Dont you wished you could say that? Its great to be a UNICOI COUNTY BLUE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What is your pick on this game? And did anyone see the jamboree where Unicoi played amazing and beat West Greene 22-2? Their defense is amazing. The starters didnt even play but 5 minutes. So who do yall think will win this Hall of Fame game being held at Unicoi friday night?
  5. Yeah thanks for the comment but does anypone know how they played?
  6. How did the jv teams look? Was there anybody that stood out when they played?
  7. Who do you pick in the scrimmage between Sullivan Centeral and Unicoi tomorrow?
  8. Yeah everybody is still waiting on that drop off but it just hasn't happened and prolbably wont. Unicoi would have been in the arbys this year but they already had signed the contract to play in the hardees classic and a tournament in Florida and your only allowed to play in two tournaments per season.
  9. I agree to very tough teams with great coaches
  10. Unicoi looks to be the favor in the wautaga confrence once again. With Miller and Headley return from last year as leaders and also has added length with Whitson and Lyle who are 6'4" and long. And a big presence down low 6'5" Turner. They are also going to be very deep on the bench with Corn and Tolley. Unicoi should cause alot of matchup problems this year. They are very strong defensively and is going to keep trying to push it like they did last year. So you know what that means?? Another undeafted confrence championship.
  11. Well Its going to be one of the few good games this week, except north and tn high. Its going to be a challenge for Jc to contain Ethan Bennett while worrying about Headley cathing bombs from Whitson and vise versa. Unicoi has 3 receivers in the top ten. Headley being third is just an extra. Unicoi has one of the best passing attacks around. Whitson is a great quaterback and will be ready for Jc.
  12. Thank you Louisville is a way better school than Middle Tennessee State for sure buddy. Prudhome must be signing as kicker beacuse all 5'9 of him will really take him far and college and who knows maybe the nfl YEA RIGHT!!!!!!
  13. Phipps is also a senior where Whitson is still junior Just how about you shut up the best player on your team is your kicker.
  14. Keep talking that trash buddy yall are horrible this year. They scored 42 points in one quarter on yall. That has to be a record.
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