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  1. I honestly think Cole could beat Mahaney in one of those events.
  2. i dont really think station camp would have beat Fra's team last year. we had Kyle Patterson running anchor and running a 2:03 just to win. the also can be said about SC's team this year; in any case it would be a great battle.
  3. wow ive been missing out. I didnt really expect anything less from the tennessean its a crappy paper. CAK did run a good race....but you got 3rd which is not even the first loser. I dont think i will be on coacht much next year seeing as FRA track and field is going to be god awful. we will become the cpa of high school running.
  4. ya good job by mahaney to finish through the line. and i was completely wrong about the 1600, i never saw that coming especially so easily. about the 4x8, i really cant even get mad at getting 2nd. We ran a pr too its just that SC was better and had a spectacular race. Its sad that my team, with 10 qualifiers, lost to Orlandus Harris.
  5. its all on tennesseerunner.com
  6. ive seen a lot of people pick Mahaney to triple. I know the 3200 is in the morning but Mahaney will not beat Johnson in the mile or the 800 when Johnson is way fresher.
  7. ive heard it wasnt hand timed on purpose but that the camera was messing up about every other race. On Tnrunner some of the times have been altered to FAT by adding .2 or whatever it is. The 100 however was not for some reason
  8. 3200: Mahaney Kaiser Coniglio King 1600: Johnson Mahaney King Kaiser 800: Johnson Pickerel Wasserman Mahaney 4x8: MLK FRA SC DL Aquajogging: Jeff Musick
  9. either way its safe to say that DL is in the drivers seat
  10. It isnt that the west is bad, there are just some events that they are known to have little participation in
  11. ya that doesnt look right to me either. i doubt we will be seeing a 10.6 in the a/aa state meet. check out the west pole vault hahahahaha
  12. haha i love when people try to figure out who people are.
  13. ya DL is real solid. the distance events lived up to the hype 4x8= epic 1600=blazing 800= also blazing
  14. if he runs the last leg of the 4x1 and 4x2....he'll get to
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