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  1. and only one mention thus far of MLK. they lost 1 and 3, with 4 guys returning already sub 18, ask me today, and i'd give them the title. but all the usual contenders are doing exactly that.
  2. what does that even mean? punctuation much? i mean, seriously, this is track and field, not basketball. most of us have achieved some sort of higher level education through having some sort of academic merit and discipline. if you were a point guard in the NBA, i'd expect that you weren't too hot with the grammar, but use a period, for christ's sake.
  3. reminds me of the sparks that we used to make fly on here. i miss those days, somebody please say something ridiculous.
  4. i believe i speak for the majority when i say, "sure, let's change the subject. but we don't care THAT much about the 4x400, though thank you for not trying to entice us with crappy statistics about the open 100."
  5. It is my sincere wish that all of you continue to post your workouts on these boards. That is all.
  6. I care, Nolan, I care. But mostly I think this guy's a douche.
  7. a/aa does not equal a+aa, wrong thread, bro. And Ryan, you called it. Harrier is our musto-basher. Though I thought he was reported enough to be kicked off permanently, unless its just a very similar alias. Actually, I believe the old perpatrator was "harriercoach" so indeed, I'm right. Harrier, we don't condone or tolerate that sort of thing, making fun of grammar, or idiots who think a 6:00 mile can actually win state WITH bad grammar is completely legit, but we do not disrespect respectable runners with dexnt times to show for it. A 4:49 is not the work of a slouch, so I'm going to kindly ask ONCE that you refrain from laying into Will and Nolan as you did last season.
  8. that's what david smith told me, i feel like that's a reliable source.
  9. on a side note: no one cares about throwing.
  10. that's not very nice. my input has been minimal as of late but to try to catch up: i heard from a reliable source that musick is out atleast until march, and may decide to go ahead and train for november from that point onward, almost irrelevant, as it's one less fish in a bucket with all fish and no water, the ratio doesn't change. the 3200 is going to be disgusting this year. johnson, mahaney, snyder, davis, wathen, mcmeen, winn, the other MLK distance guys (don't forget who finished second in xc), john-adam "superbleeder" mccasslin, just to name the likely candidates. pickerel seems like a middle distance runner, though he did well in xc, so he's a possible contender. in the 800: winn looks like a legitimate ankle biter for johnson, and if that TT was legit, i'd say he stands a fair shot at beating DL's distance behemoth. (a reference to physical size more than level of intimidation) 4x800: winn adds quite the leg for MLK, FRA will always be strong, DL will be good too. 1600: johnson has the edge on mahaney in speed, but can he beat MLK's new flag carrier? don't forget pickerel, mccasslin, davis, wathen, musick (maybe), mcmeen, not to mention the four probably undeserving runners who will make it to state despite being slower than atleast a dozen guys in the middle section... and has everyone forgotten USJC? i think they have a couple of decent distance runners...
  11. lipscomb is out varble, some one will have to step up to fill those shoes, look for some one like houston proctor, johnson barrick, or hunter adams to go sub 2:10. MLK, i think, doesn't have to reload, so expect them to step up frrom last year's 4th place finish. and if nick winn can really hold 1:57 pace, look for the race to have a blazing finish: winn vs. johnson, pt. 2.
  12. *add nolan davis to the list of runners being trounced by mr. backwoods USA
  13. dang, i was hoping for a throw down... sorry, it's been awhile, and i wanna see blood.
  14. he dun did it. he dun did win dem 'limp hicks. and they dun gived him de shiny kwartar 2! let me tell u wut. he be sum kind o runnin fool, dat boy., yessir, dat be wut he be.
  15. wow... i truly don't know what to say, normally i would have endless retort in response to such mind numbing babble, but this, this is truly the most gloriously hellacious post i have ever encountered. I have endured persons who thought themselves "par'ful" and "mcdominant" but to go so far as to use such backwoods, backWARDS english as this is truly a feat for those only of the most noble (in)breed. you sir, have become such a detrement to society, that you have surpassed those who came before you and risen to the highest echelons of impudence and stupidity. for this i offer my heartfelt congratulations. ...in retrospect, i didn't have that much trouble finding words to say...
  16. we can rectify this situation, i'm just waiting for someone to say something stupid like "john doe from backwardsville central will win state this year coming back with a 1600 PR of 6:44, he's a beast, mahaney, coniglio, johnson, musick, mccasslin, wathen, snyder, winn, wilson, cole, kaiser, and pickerel don't stand a chance"
  17. "all i gotta know is... ...and then something else" that's 2 tonight, man.
  18. ... says the voice from on high at anyrate, mahaney WILL be all south. and he has the potential for a HUGE drop (pardon my creative capitalization, i'm trying for emphasis). i see a 15:30 or better from him, and i expect johnson won't be too far back. can't say what wathen and winn will do...
  19. agreed on the first point(s) and i can help on the last one, but i like this account and would like to keep it availible in the long run, i have a history of over the top posts that often end in being suspended from the site...
  20. pnthrsroc07

    To A/AA

    nor can i, but don't forget that xc isn't quite over yet. we still have the post season: FLS, NTN, FLNats. should be good to see how keveren holds up against colby lowe, and how baylor stacks up to... the pacific northwest. not to mention the A/AA guys who will be at FLS. Mahaney has a shot at a medal, and everybody ought to run a huge PR...
  21. pnthrsroc07

    To A/AA

    to say that mahaney is guarenteed the win would be a rediculous statement, but to blatently say he will LOSE is absurd. unsure as the result may be at the moment, he's still a clear favorite. snyder is talented, yes, and he will be a contender for sure, but come on, mahaney won by a margin of 20 seconds, his junior year. not to mention he won the state title in the 3200 as a sophomore, but you wouldn't know that as it was before your time.
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