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  1. I think most of the nashville runners will agree that they would be happier than anyone if the course for the state meet was moved. The sleeping in your own beds thing I have to disagree with. To be perfectly blunt high school students are very irresponsible as a whole. It is much easier on the coaches and team when they are all staying together in a hotel so that they know everyone will be there and be there on time. I'm sure almost every team has at least once had to panic about where one of their runners is because they are running late to a meet. An additional benefit is that you will probably have your coach deciding for you what you are going to eat the night and morning before the race. Most people on this board can probably also relate to always having that one guy on the team that eats pizza the night before and then pancakes and bacon the morning of the race. All in all I really think at the high school level there is absolutely no benefit to an in town meet especially on a course like steeplechase. Overall it is pretty flat so it doesn't require as intense pre-race split or surge placement planning.
  2. its probably one guy that keeps getting banned and having to make a new screenname. my money is on one of the mcdaniels
  3. i know stealth already quoted this but i had to do it again. can anyone tell me what that means? i couldn't write something like that if i tried. e-town will be terrible this year. they have been good in the past but they are nowhere near the level of FRA or DL Edit: Josh Jaynes had a good senior year of cross country, that is all. He has done nothing yet in college and he did nothing before his senior year. He had one good year so don't start talking bout him like he's a god or something like you guys tried to do when he won ONE state championship
  4. yeah he went 1:49.98 for second at NON then was 4th at jr nats in the 400m with a 46.62. top 4 would put him on the 4x4 team for jr pan am but unfortunately he did not have his passport at the meet so he doesn't get to go. once he gets to baylor next year he will probably get down under 46 and get on their 4x4 team which you know will be a guaranteed national championship every year. i would say he will make that team his sophomore year but probably won't be quite on that level in the 400 his freshman year. if he was at any school but baylor he could make the 4x4 team his freshman year with a low-46. he will immediately be one of the top 800m runners in the nation so that will still be his bread and butter but from what i've heard he really wants to try to get on that perenial national championship 4x4 team as soon as possible.
  5. neither was bumbi's 2-mile state record but it counted anyway. jackie also broke her own 100H record so hopefully that counts too. the TSSAA is going to have to start excepting that with how rapidly the quality of TN track has grown in the last few years and is still growing, most people will be running state records outside of TSSAA events. i really hope they accept it
  6. the events she chooses to train for have nothing to do with how well she runs cross country. a returning FLN runner will always be favored. she did have a bad race at san diego but so did rita (39th) so are you going to hold that against her too?
  7. i agree with coniglio. hine is a clear number 2 no questions asked. the 5k distance if obviously not an issue for her seeing as she made it to FLN. also keep in mind that track and cross country are completely seperate sports. track times mean very little when xc comes around. the top 2 distance girls in the nation this year were tauro and hassay and they weren't exactly at the top of fln last year. track and xc are just way too different. until virginia is beat by someone other than kk she is clearly #2
  8. i think i'm going to have to agree that andrew harper was probably the biggest improvement in the state. who would've seen him going 4:23/1:57 this year? that pretty much came out of nowhere. skyler moots was definately on the radar before this year but i didn't think he was quite on the 4:20/1:55 level so that was a big improvement. there were also a lot of AAA guys that made huge drops especially in the the 32 like helton and chandler
  9. that doesn't mean he's going to win, he's just the favorite. johnson had a rough year last year and i think he can turn it around and get up there. and obviously you yourself weren't too far behind him. it looks to be kind of a down year again like last year but since a lot of the top guys will be juniors or younger it should be a solid year in 2008. maybe this year more than 2 people will beat kroger (who just runs a tempo run at state basically) since she had to put on some weight to stay healthy
  10. that is true but they just don't have the depth that fra, dl, mlk, and usjc have. mahaney is the clear favorite for the individual title but everyone else on the team will have to improve big time for them to have a shot at winning state. i think they will be 5th after the top 4 that seem pretty clear because of their large amount of depth
  11. keveren and oak ridge for the boys wins and kroeger and oak ridge on the girls side, definately virginia in second. the battle for second on the guys side will be really close. i guess it's just harder to talk about aaa because the top guy and top girl are leagues ahead of the others (i'm assuming this year keveren will finally have the experience to do as well in cross as he does in track, from what i've heard from milner he's just as good a 5k runner as he is a miler he just hasn't had enough experience in xc to really hit that next level like he did in track this year)
  12. at schools like DL and FRA there will always be JV guys ready to back up the leaving seniors. that is why they never seem to have a bad year. i mean FRA getting 3rd last year was like the worst they've ever done. you would've thought it was the end of the world with how disappointed they were but just about every other school would be thrilled with a 3rd place finish at state. I know DL will have some guys step up to keep them in the top 3 or 4 at state and make another run at the championship
  13. i think that we can agree that those three teams (fra, dl, and mlk) will be competitive every year and that region will always have all 3 teams in the top 5 or 6 at state except for maybe the occasional off year but i think this year just like last year will have all 3 in the top 4 at state. i think like last year they will have a shot at getting 1-3 at state but again like last year i think usjc will upset the region sweep. it should be a lot more fun than last year because everyone knew it would be dl, fra, mlk in that order at region but this year it's really up in the air, they can finish in any order so it will be interesting.
  14. I agree that he was just trying to throw in another name and then I just stated the fact that he wasn't quite on the level of the a/aa guys and all of the sudden the guy got super defensive. If he had just been like you're right he's not as good but I was just throwing another name in there then I would've completely backed off but instead he made some stupid comments that we had no choice but to call out.
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