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  1. What's a personal computer? I would like to quote my favorite musical group Simon and Garfunkel by saying: "I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail Yes I would, if I could, I surely would I'd rather be a hammer than a nail Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would Away, I'd rather sail away Like a swan that's here and gone A man grows older every day" Roxbury, agentorange, and twatwaffle...take life like an ice cube and chizzill. Do not worry if anybody knows how good you say you are...just prove it come playing time, nobody likes it when people brag...sillybillies...Acuna Me tada
  2. Actually the terms hardtop and hardwood are both commonly used, way to call me out Mr. Thesaurus Pants. Oh yeah I'm sure you go to work at noon, real convincing. I will not comment on certain players because DB will have alot of talent on the court and on the bench, they are all very good ball players if they're on the DB varstiy program. To answer the first of your questions: Like you, supposedly, I have read the posts, but I have noticed very easily that some of the people posting continue to ramble on about certain players (I've already mentioned who they are) and I believe it to be ridiculous. If players want to get attention and for people to figure out who they are, then they need to let their game do the talking and not get focused in on what's on coacht. For your second question, let's do the math shall we? Hm, you say you have been reading the posts for weeks, but just became a member today, nice. You most likely have already posted under another name, but thought it would look in your favor to create another name and take up for yourself...I won't name names. Last option, which I doubt, you're a friend of somebody who has gotten called out.... So if you are a player, and you're posting about yourself, save yourself the humility and stop. I'm only trying to help you out, trust me...don't get into coacht
  3. agentorange, did I scare you away with my accurate accusations or do you simply not have anymore to say about the Big 9 this year? I'm serious when I say I enjoyed reading your outlook on this season and would be pleased to hear more.
  4. Dear Roxbury, First of all, you appear to be pretty good at trying to cover up your identity. All I said was that you talk about a certain player alot...why do care so much of my opinion if you are not him? Second, if you are a family member that's stupendous, but why do i care how far away you live (1-2 hrs) or if he knows you post about him?...I don't care. Also, I never stated that I had anything against the kid. Where do you get that I'm judging people? And about "standing on the podium" what sort of derrogatory remark is that supposed to be? Is that the new slang....Lastly, who goes off to work at 10:00, pretty nice profession you must be in if I do say so myself. P.S. I'll be looking out for you on the hardtop this year #44 if I stop by for a game at the Huss!
  5. All this thread seems like is a bunch of players tootin' their own horns, if you know what I mean. It is blatantly obvious to tell when players are talking about themselves over and over, and also offering very minute details about their work habits and "game".......Roxbury
  6. agentorange, you appear to know the McConnell and Halverson kids pretty well. Could you tell me how you know so much about them? It sounds like you are their personal promoter and think pretty highly of them. You seem especially fond of the McConnell one (hence the posts on the best shooter in East Tn thread). I was just wondering if you might be said player (Dustin McConnell a.k.a. shooting extraordinaire)?......Also, I have heard you talk alot about these players Offense, is that all that matters anymore?Tell me, McConnell, can yourself and Halverson play Defense???
  7. ok i dont know how you can say central has "some of the best sophomores in the tri-cities." I watched the JV central-DB game tonight and didnt see anyone from central that impressed me excpet for kaiko. On the other hand DB had 3 legitiment players #12 lane dukart, #3 tremell mcgue, and #24 reed king...these 3 are definately some of the best in the tri-cites...respond
  8. Whos the best JV team in the big nine conference??? I hear DB's got a few that can play...is it true?
  9. South is goin NOWHERE....south blows ( i cannot say it enough!) All this hype bout there "big men" the only 2 they got are willey and hauldren, actually thats all there whole team has. No team, i dont care who you are, can make it without at least one good guard...south has none . DB on the other hand has plenty guards...and an obvious dominant post in the 6'8 Bronson Flack...just kiddng. the only good thing bout south is there "killer" student section...which is a joke, theyre nothin compared to ol' RENO
  10. ok first of all South is goin to lose to DB. So all you south fans can just shutup...all this hype yall are building up for your team isnt helpin them out cuase theyre not as good as you think.(They lost to Tenn High, who was missing Rashad, theyre star player). DB definately has South outmatched at the guard postion by far.good luck next year south but your stil db's bia
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