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2nd Annual Hog-Eye Shootout

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The second annual Hog-Eye Shootout Jr. High Jamboree at Livingston Academy has been set for Thursday and Saturday, October 18 & 20, 2007. The registration deadline is October 1, 2007. If you didn't get an invitation, you may register your team by calling Coach Melton @ 931-823-5458 and leave a detailed message including:


-Team Name and Mascot

-Coach's name and contact #

-8th grade enrollment

-Your school's fax #

-# of players (for T shirts)

-Boys or girls team


**Please give special scheduling requests also, such as conference teams you don't want to play or if you can only come one day.


We had 39 teams last year! Sign up soon.

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Here it is. FINAL schedule as of 10-16-07. Edited due to cancellations.


Thursday, Oct. 18


Allons Elementary


4:00 Allons/South Cumberland Boys

4:50 Carroll Oakland/Homestead Girls

5:40 Livingston/ Homestead Boys

6:30 Allons/Jackson County Boys

7:20 Open

8:10 Jackson County/Homestead Boys

9:00 Livingston/Homestead Girls


Livingston Middle School


3:00 Hilham/Pickett County Girls

4:00 Carroll Oakland/Hilham Boys

4:50 Open

5:40 Open

6:30 Carroll Oakland/Pickett County Girls

7:20 South Cumberland/Celina Boys

8:10 Carroll Oakland/ Allons Boys

9:00 Carroll Oakland/Allons Girls


Livingston Academy


4:00 Celina/Cornerstone Boys

4:50 Hilham/Dekalb Boys

5:40 Open

6:30 Dekalb/ Mt Juliet Boys

7:20 Dekalb/Allons Girls

8:10 Cornerstone/ Mt Juliet Boys

9:00 Dekalb/ Hilham Girls


Rickman Elementary


4:50 Rickman/Warren County Girls

5:40 Rickman/Warren County Boys

6:30 Southside/Warren County Girls

7:20 Southside/Warren County Boys

8:10 Southside/Rickman Girls

9:00 Southside/Rickman Boys



Saturday, October 20


Allons Elementary


8:00 Pickett County/Brown Boys

8:50 Pleasant Hill/Livingston Boys

9:40 Pickett County/Martin Boys

10:30 Brown/Livingston Boys

11:20 Pleasant Hill/Livingston Girls

12:10 Pickett County/Homestead Boys

1:00 Pleasant Hill/Hilham Girls

1:50 Pleasant Hill/Hilham Boys

2:40 Homestead/ Hilham Girls

3:30 Martin/ Rickman Boys

4:20 Martin/ Livingston Girls

5:10 Hilham/ South Cumberland Boys

6:00 Warren County / Livingston Girls

6:50 Warren County/ Livingston Boys


Livingston Academy


8:00 Rickman/ Homestead Girls

8:50 Allons/ Mt. Juliet Boys

9:40 Allons/ Mt. Juliet Girls

10:30 South Cumberland/ Mt. Juliet Boys

11:20 Rickman/ Mt. Juliet Girls

12:10 South Cumberland/ Warren Co. Boys

1:00 Open

1:50 Rickman/ Homestead Boys

2:40 Livingston/ Southside Boys

3:30 Open

4:20 Allons/ Southside Girls

5:10 Allons/ Southside Boys

6:00 Dekalb/ Martin Girls

6:50 Dekalb/ Allons Boys

7:40 Dekalb/ Livingston Girls

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