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Danny Gilbert's wrestling hour is on the ai starting tonight


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    • Who’s whipping up on the mutts this week?
    • I would like to think they have a slim chance of making a game in the playoffs, but Rockvale is real ,,,, and our blaze have to get a whole lot better at tackling, but I think  you are right. They beat Rockvale and Siegel they should have at least one  playoff game. 
    • If you guys didn’t realize, general does not like Eli and thinks he’s not the man for the job. Just in case y’all haven’t read it 10 times already. 
    • This is a hard game to pick for me bc of our history with HC and it being their home game. But this is a new day and time. I was curious of the status of both programs several yrs back so I done a little digging. A little history....SHS moved to that Clarksville district in Myers first yr. HC was pretty established and SHS was coming off of 2 really bad seasons in a row. 09 SHS 4-7   HC 10-2. Jackets played them twice losing 37-14 in season and 35-0 in playoff. HC won the region and SHS tied for like 4th (back then a couple of teams moved up and played 6A playoffs). 10 SHS 8-3   HC 10-2.  Jackets lost 27-20. Both teams were decent Myers 2nd yr so the game appeared to be alot closer. HC won the region and Jackets finished 3rd.   11 SHS 6-5   HC 15-0. HC crushed the Jackets 49-13. HC was a dominant team and Jackets was a avg team. Jackets tied for 3rd place finish. Myers final season.   12 SHS 3-7   HC 8-3. Dustin’s first team had pretty good players and lost few close games. HC won that game 23-7 but Jackets gave them a good fight. HC finished 2nd and Jackets finished 6th in the region.   13 SHS 2-8   HC 15-0. Jackets lost most of those good players yr before to graduation and still trying to right the culture in Wilson’s 2nd season. HC won 37-7 and went on to have another dominant yr. Jackets finished 6th in region play.   14 SHS 8-4   HC 10-3. This was the final time of that region and head to head with HC. Both teams were pretty even at this point but HC held on to win at Spfd 21-20 in one of the best hard fought games I’ve seen. I still can’t get over that bogus holding call at the end lol. The game were Spfd went for 2 and got it but it was wiped out bc of penalty and Jackets attempted to tie the game with extra point. Right before the kick the front came through and wind picked up and it was against the kicker. Kick no good. *I think that was the events that took place in this game. HC won the region as the Jackets finished 4th.   In those 6 seasons the Jackets avged a 5-6 record compared to HC at 11-2. The Patriots set a winning standard in that region that I hoped one day the Jackets could reach. Even though the Jackets haven’t dominated every team since and won a championship like HC has in the last 10+ yrs I feel like the Jackets has developed a winning culture and has tasted good victories. Despite records now this game could be alot like the one we last saw in 14. This game is probably for the region title and I expect the best from both teams. It could go either way. With all that said I still haven’t made up my mind on a prediction.  
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