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    • Also, credit given to West Tennessee High School Athletics  on Facebook for providing. @ReitzFan
    • Wish I would have checked the boards before I subscribed. At least the quality is good this time if anyone was wondering. 
    • Not a big fan either but the championship games are usually better quality video wise anyway. I just like to hear the guys that call these games all year for their teams. But if you can't be there it's better than missing the games for sure.
    • Great Post!  I think there would be more people picking the Alcoa, Greeneville, Anderson, or Betsy since they have won it all before and all within the last 5 years.  I will say that I thought PC would be the team to beat this year in 4a just knowing what they have back from last year and how they played against the Best AC team they have had. (I had mentioned this before the season even started)   Like I said if Upperman can control the clock and ball game then they have a shot.  Speed can't kill you if it's on the sideline.  Its going to come down to who can execute their game plan the best.  Bee's want a low scoring game where PC is wanting to put up points in a hurry
    • Not so fast...here you go.   https://www.eplustv6.com/?fbclid=IwAR3poIs8kDcOGQ29JYhUn7pfsrPWGMSiT7VGnRhF9Jhp7y3SQZn9I3CPoqA
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