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  1. Things must be pretty bleak on the pike if you’re not predicting 9-1 and winning a region title.
  2. Yes, the one person on staff who could actually coach football. So I’m going to assume that means yes he did leave since you didn’t come running to Jones’ defense with a denial. That has to push the total number of coaches that have left up to 12 or so. Is it still your contention that it is complete normal for a program to lose essentially its entire coaching staff in two years? And before you bring it up, only one left for a promotion.
  3. Another running back coach. The one actual coach on the staff.
  4. I’ve heard Bearden lost another coach this off season. HTV or Dawgz, care to enlighten me, or explain how I’m wrong?
  5. Good lord don’t let Dawgz see this he’ll have an incoherent melt down.
  6. This actually is a pretty good pick up I must admit. It’s going to be good for the program to have him and Josh Smith on staff. Two guys that played D1 football and spent time at an NFL mini camp
  7. They’ve both gotten worse. I’ve seen enough games to know that.
  8. All these college signees went yo other schools for 3 years, were getting college offers then transferred to Bearden. It’s not like this staff did much to develop them. The BBall coaches son and the Seymour transfer were some of the most talented QBs in the region, and you guys developed them into QBs who might complete one pass a game.
  9. Most of this is complete gibberish. But the one part I could decipher is putting kids in college. This coaching staff hasn’t put a single Bearden kid in college. They completed wasted one of the best WRs in East TN and have ruined two talented QBs. All because they’re in over their heads.
  10. After that first paragraph, I can see why you’re a TA and not a teacher. Have you made the move from South Knoxville to Bearden yet? Maybe he left because he is an actual teacher and coach, and didn’t want to be associated with a group of foul mouthed middle school coaches who like to pretend they’re big time.
  11. It may be hard to believe but there’s more people than me that think you guys are a bunch of losers. I’m sure the coaching staff, yourself included, cursed at a bunch of high school students. Nobody could name more than 3 coaches on staff due to the constant turnover.
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