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  1. It's marketing ploy. I hear that the AD will be there to personally hand out tickets. Free concessions to while you are there.
  2. Because of the discussions regarding MHS season ticket price increase and its new online system, I looked at the seating chart of available season tickets as of today. As of today, MHS has sold more season tickets this season than was sold in each of the two previous years. It might be BECAUSE of the online system. Once the purchase window is closed, I think MHS intends to sell single game reserve seats on any remaining season tickets.
  3. Yes. Here's a pod cast link. https://post.futurimedia.com/wnml/playlist/7/listen-1064.html?cb=1562097962.319012&fbclid=IwAR2fdA7E_GQF1S-0aMY4deMaLNukuvV-GPO075i3ep0LqGMQKTT4lcqEOLw
  4. The young ball coach will be on Sports Talk this afternoon talking about Tee committing to UT!
  5. Dang, now the Rebels season tickets will go up since you broadcasted this.
  6. I understand. I've always maintained that Knox County had "closed zones" that had doors that would open if you knocked. I also understand that by rule, TSSAA couldn't care less if it was before the freshman year. Moreover, if someone has the wherewithal to move, they can almost play anywhere. There's a new Knox County (Parks & Rec) middle school league this year. To be on a middle school roster, the players on the team must attend that middle school.
  7. When folks from "closed zoned" schools complain about "open zoned" schools, they can usually look inward and see an "open zoned" school if they look closely.
  8. Pick more money from the money tree? Raise Barney's taxes? We raised his ticket prices to help and he didn't buy them.
  9. I just kept hearing about people being blocked. I didn't hear about no tackling, except for Johnny Lawrence.
  10. While I'd never call for a sponsors' boycott of the athletic department, I would call for one for the radio broadcast sponsors. I'll never listen to the broadcast. I hope the Maryville faithful do the same.
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