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  1. Yep, got beat bad 26-0 (I think). The Rebels didn't look good at all in that game!
  2. If my memory is correct (I'm getting old): Maryville scrimmaged Tennessee High in the fall preseason in 1972. I know scrimmages are just that, scrimmages. Mayville won the scrimmage and I remember the Tennessee High coach say something like, "Lets go home boys, we've had our #### kicked!" As Mike Rowe might say, "Anyway, that's the way I heard it"
  3. Benny seemed to always coach from a squatted position! Even at Ooltewah during his last few years of coaching!
  4. Keeping is more important! However, winning will help keep players coming to play and pay.
  5. You right! They can't play with the big boys. It's the same thing every year...til it's not.
  6. I would suggest that other teams might have been operating like this too (whispering). It's just that no one stood up in front of and officially told the teams. I in no way excuse this. I just think they are probably not the only ones.
  7. Defensive holding... I've watched that play over and over again. I can't find defensive holding anywhere near where the white hat threw the flag. I did find what looked to be offensive facemask in the same area against the Rebels edge rusher.
  8. I was looking through the TSSAA online playoff program for this game. The history was listed for each team. Under state championship for D-B was "1960, 1959, 1949, 1948, 1947, 1945". However, under state championships for Maryville, the 1964 championship wasn't listed. Can someone explain why prior to the playoff system, D-B gets credit for its championships and Maryville does not? Is there a valid reason? (Yes I know they got beat in a bowl game after the regular season. I was there)
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