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  1. I was too small to play in high school so I became a manager. I watched 16mm film of the 1966 MHS vs AHS classic (in black and white) during practice more than once. I've never seen the Everett/Alcoa film from Davis's first game though. Someone has to have those old 16mm films. The MHS 1970 State Championship game was filmed in color, a rarity in those days. I do have a few color highlights of the 1970 game. Maybe Barney can check with the 70s defensive coordinator.
  2. I was catching up on this thread today. I thought I was on a Powell/Central thread for a while.
  3. Up until recent years, GQ (and the Rebels) used a two back set and the ball was shared between the backs. In today's one back sets, Prevo would have had much bigger single game numbers. He split a lot a carries with several different backs during his tenure. Carl Stewart, Chris McCord, Michael Potter, and a lot of other really good backs, split carries because of the two back set. Congrats to Parker McGill! Still a huge feat!
  4. Central defeated the Rebels in the quarterfinals in 1999, GQs first year as head coach. Maryville had defeated Central during the regular season. Central made it to the championship game, but loss.
  5. Didn't get much reaction to this. I remember that many of the 5A (later changed to 6A) Knox County teams criticized the Rebels when they were playing 4A ball and winning championships. There were plenty of remarks like, "just wait til the Rebels move up to 6A and play big boy ball." Maryville moved up to 6A in 2009 and has yet to lose any of the "big boys" in Knox County. It might happen Friday....but it might not.
  6. I saw in the Knoxville Focus that the Rebels have won 99 games in a row against Knox County teams (since 2000 vs Halls). The Rebels are going for 100th straight on Friday.
  7. I'm surprised the goons let this go. I assume you meant "can't" do that.... So you must be calling Alcoa not a good team because the Rebels did do it against them and won.
  8. Us old folks also remember a close 2000 win for the Rebels against WBHS. It was the Rebels first win of 2000. It started a row that's continued to this day. Going for a 4th and one in its own territory early in the game and making it was the play that may have changed everything for the Rebels.
  9. Showing my age again. I was there when this fan got on the 1971 Sugar Bowl field. And, the fan was faster than any player or either team, plus the refs & security guys.
  10. That's the deal. No one got on their field at HV. That night at Bearden, they let the Bearden parents & fans on the field, but wouldn't let the West parents & fans on the field. Bearden and West typically don't get along. I was told there were a lot of emails "fired off" to the administration at Bearden and to the Knox Co central office. I was told that the Bearden principal ended up apologizing. I don't know this first hand (the apology), but I do know the incident did occur. (West had won the game, of course)
  11. I remember Bearden doing this a few years ago to the Knox West parents/fans after the Bearden/West game at Bearden. I think the school and the principal got reprimanded and later issued an apology to West.
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