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    Region 6 Results

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    Posted 11 February 2017 - 07:39 PM

    Team Scores:
    1. Summit 224
    2. Indy 205.5
    3. Brentwood 144
    4. Centennial 133
    5. McGavock 105

    1. Zach Thomas (Summit)
    2. Chase Bridgford (Independence)
    3. Brennan Jennings (Brentwood)
    4. Ronal Flores (Dickson Co.)

    1st Place Match
    Zach Thomas (Summit) 42-8, Sr. over Chase Bridgford (Independence) 37-12, So. (Dec 8-1).

    3rd Place Match
    Brennan Jennings (Brentwood) 15-10, So. over Dylan Ables (Centennial) 21-10, Fr. (Dec 8-5).

    1. Gavin Schoeberl (Independence)
    2. Brady Woodward (Summit)
    3. Cooper Finch (Brentwood)
    4. Decarlos Allen (McGavock)

    1st Place Match
    Gavin Schoeberl (Independence) 36-11, Sr. over Brady Woodward (Summit) 31-12, Sr. (Fall 1:40).

    3rd Place Match
    Cooper Finch (Brentwood) 16-13, Fr. over Decarlos Allen (McGavock) 27-5, Sr. (M. For.).

    1. Job Dooley (Franklin)
    2. Graham Brothers (Brentwood)
    3. William Witt (Cane Ridge)
    4. Adrian Luna (Dickson Co.)

    1st Place Match
    Job Dooley (Franklin) 38-2, So. over Graham Brothers (Brentwood) 24-7, Sr. (For.).

    3rd Place Match
    William Witt (Cane Ridge) 27-8, So. over Adrian Luna (Dickson Co.) 30-11, Sr. (Fall 4:42).

    1. Daniel Fowler (Independence)
    2. Jack Shrader (Franklin)
    3. Cole Klingensmith (Summit)
    4. Abdullahi Mohamed (Hillsboro)

    1st Place Match
    Daniel Fowler (Independence) 40-8, Jr. over Jack Shrader (Franklin) 30-2, Sr. (Dec 15-8).

    3rd Place Match
    Cole Klingensmith (Summit) 43-10, So. over Abdullahi Mohamed (Hillsboro) 3-2, Sr. (Fall 2:52).

    1. Nathan Porter (Summit)
    2. Owen Schnedler (Independence)
    3. Garrett Witterspoon (Dickson Co.)
    4. JaCorey Miller (McGavock)

    1st Place Match
    Nathan Porter (Summit) 48-3, Jr. over Owen Schnedler (Independence) 42-7, Jr. (Dec 8-4).

    3rd Place Match
    Garrett Witterspoon (Dickson Co.) 32-8, Sr. over JaCorey Miller (McGavock) 24-7, Fr. (Fall 4:46).

    1. Brady Ingram (Independence)
    2. Nicholas Freeman (Ravenwood)
    3. isaac Asselin (Brentwood)
    4. Isaiah Waggoner (Antioch)

    1st Place Match
    Brady Ingram (Independence) 46-1, Sr. over Nicholas Freeman (Ravenwood) 29-6, Sr. (MD 14-6).

    3rd Place Match
    isaac Asselin (Brentwood) 27-11, Jr. over Isaiah Waggoner (Antioch) 23-13, Sr. (Dec 11-10).

    1. Sean Butler (Summit)
    2. Kenneth Hunter (Hillsboro)
    3. Kiefer Bangham (Centennial)
    4. Tyler Kimble (John Overton)

    1st Place Match
    Sean Butler (Summit) 40-8, Sr. over Kenneth Hunter (Hillsboro) 12-6, Sr. (Fall 4:30).

    3rd Place Match
    Kiefer Bangham (Centennial) 34-9, Jr. over Tyler Kimble (John Overton) 29-11, Jr. (MD 13-4).

    1. Kobey Desselle (Summit)
    2. Colby Finch (Brentwood)
    3. Jonah Albert (Franklin)
    4. Spencer Harvey (Centennial)

    1st Place Match
    Kobey Desselle (Summit) 38-10, Sr. over Colby Finch (Brentwood) 25-10, Jr. (Fall 0:57).

    3rd Place Match
    Jonah Albert (Franklin) 26-8, So. over Adio Brown (Hunters Lane) 31-5, Sr. (Dec 7-5).

    1. Kemale Strong (Hunters Lane)
    2. Kelvin Freeman (McGavock)
    3. Zachery Ables (Centennial)
    4. Dylan Vongsa (Antioch)

    1st Place Match
    Kemale Strong (Hunters Lane) 35-2, Sr. over Kelvin Freeman (McGavock) 20-6, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

    3rd Place Match
    Zachery Ables (Centennial) 31-10, Sr. over Dylan Vongsa (Antioch) 34-7, Sr. (Dec 4-1).

    1. Sawyer Knott (Summit)
    2. William (Jase) Smith (Ravenwood)
    3. Nick Galbreath (Franklin)
    4. Johnny Kollenbroich (Centennial)

    1st Place Match
    Sawyer Knott (Summit) 47-6, Jr. over William (Jase) Smith (Ravenwood) 25-8, Jr. (Fall 2:55).

    3rd Place Match
    Nick Galbreath (Franklin) 24-8, Sr. over Johnny Kollenbroich (Centennial) 12-6, So. (For.).

    1. Zack Carney (Summit)
    2. CJ Grissim (Brentwood)
    3. Daniel Bonner (Hillwood)
    4. Bailey Patton (Centennial)

    1st Place Match
    Zack Carney (Summit) 39-10, Sr. over CJ Grissim (Brentwood) 26-5, Jr. (Fall 5:25).

    3rd Place Match
    Daniel Bonner (Hillwood) 18-8, Jr. over Bailey Patton (Centennial) 31-17, Sr. (Dec 7-3).

    1. Jamal Miller (McGavock)
    2. Ian Grau (Independence)
    3. Drake Cunnningham (Brentwood)
    4. Jacob Knight (Centennial)

    1st Place Match
    Jamal Miller (McGavock) 21-3, Jr. over Ian Grau (Independence) 18-13, Sr. (Dec 7-2).

    3rd Place Match
    Drake Cunnningham (Brentwood) 15-8, So. over Jacob Knight (Centennial) 34-10, Fr. (For.).

    1. Isaiah Demello (Independence)
    2. Lawerence Shelton (McGavock)
    3. Chike Brown (Hunters Lane)
    4. Noah Schwartz (Centennial)

    1st Place Match
    Isaiah Demello (Independence) 25-4, Sr. over Lawerence Shelton (McGavock) 19-5, Sr. (Fall 3:44).

    3rd Place Match
    Chike Brown (Hunters Lane) 29-10, Sr. over Noah Schwartz (Centennial) 33-13, Jr. (Fall 1:43).

    1. Christopher Keller (Independence)
    2. Nathan Lee (Cane Ridge)
    3. Jeremy Moody (Summit)
    4. Patrick Guider (Hunters Lane)

    1st Place Match
    Christopher Keller (Independence) 40-9, Jr. over Nathan Lee (Cane Ridge) 16-8, So. (Fall 3:12).

    3rd Place Match
    Jeremy Moody (Summit) 18-23, Sr. over Patrick Guider (Hunters Lane) 30-6, Jr. (Fall 4:13).

    4th Place Match
    Patrick Guider (Hunters Lane) 30-6, Jr. over Steven Losoya (John Overton) 20-11, So. (Fall 4:05).

    Lower weights OW: 138- Brady Ingram (Independence)
    Upper weights OW: 170- Sawyer Knott (Summit)
    Best match: 126 finals: Daniel Fowler (Independence) dec Jack Shrader (Franklin)

    Region 6 Wrestler of the Year: Brady Ingram from Independence
    Region 6 Coach of the Year: Pete Miller from Summit
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