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  1. A-AA region individual tournament

    can someone post the seedings for the small school region at Elizabethan?
  2. State Duels Brackets

    Would it be an option to have the team duals at one location and the individual tournament at another? Even separate parts of the state for the 2 different tournaments?
  3. Open Tournament 1-18-14

    Jack, is this where you are coaching now? Is it just a Saturday tournament or is it Friday/Saturday
  4. Open Tournament 1-18-14

    Thank you. I'm looking for a varsity tournament other than the Halls Invitational.
  5. Open Tournament 1-18-14

    Does anyone have any information for a tournament on this date?
  6. Why top 6?

    cbg, there was a lot of thought and discussion about how we could grow the sport with the coaches for over 2 years prior to the final proposal being voted on. The final decision was to split small/large individuals. Again, the proposal was initiated by the HS coaches and voted on by the HS coaches at the time. After that, the proposal was provided to TSSAA for there approval. Please don't make it sound like all the coaches that voted for this structure did so without serious thought or effort. A lot of time and discussion took place before it came to a final vote.
  7. Why top 6?

    I can't disagree with your statement reftn. At the time that this was proposed, it was the best idea to attempt at gaining participation. Will it work, don't know but there was no other proposal put on the table that had even an inkling to helping grow the sport. As I've said before, in a perfect world every HS program would have a feeder program, fill every weight class, and we'd only have 1 true state champion for each weight class. We may or may not disagree with the ideas on how to get to that point, but an effort of sorts has to be made. That's what was done by the coaches that voted to separate small/large individual state tournaments.
  8. Why top 6?

    The coaches (including me at the time) voted to have the split with small/large school individuals. Obviously, our intent was to attempt to grow the sport not to dimenish it. I see both sides and agree with both sides, but if this change helps grow the sport we've accomplished our goal. If not, it can be scrapped with very little, if any, damage. Those that know me know that I'm about as "old school" as they come and believe's in the theory that there is only one true champion, but as a coach at a small school without any surrounding support, I recognized that an attempt at something different was needed to help increase interest and/or participation. This may or may not increase interest and/or participation, but an attempt needed to be made and this was the best option. Not sure that it will work, but we had to try something. Let's give it a shot for a couple of years and see if it's done what we had hoped it would. If not, changing back to the previous structure or tweaking the current one may be the answer. Either way, like I said, I don't believe this change is going to "damage" anything.
  9. Woods out at carter?

    Actually, based on the quotes in the paper, it doesn't sound like it was due to health issues. Stated that he would be looking for other opportunities in coaching and teaching. Maybe he's looking for something administrative.
  10. T$$AA

    Insurance and lawsuits, pretty much sums up the reasoning for this.

    how about Kingston vs Cumberland Co? Both have had similar years.
  12. Bearden Postseason game 2 Grace Saturday?

    Please post all the match-ups as soon as possible. Does TSSAA get any of the gate?
  13. William Blount vs Bearden

    Said it before and will continue to say it.....Greenback was good because of the assistants that Ridge surrounded himself with. Made him look like a good coach.
  14. 2013-2014 Hamm Rankings

    My son should be ranked #1!
  15. Assistant coaching opportunity

    Young man looking for an opportunity to assist with HS wrestling this season around the Knoxville area. Contact me at [email protected] or at [email protected] if anyone is in need of assistance.