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  1. Hey Coacht. Thanks it's been fun but I'd like to delete my account. Going back to the caveman days. Simpler life.
  2. was going to reply but no. Have a nice day. I'll leave the T with this. If everything I said is a lie then She never played at East and never enrolled at BC ? Can't have it both ways.
  3. https://sites.psu.edu/siowfa16/2016/09/08/grass-vs-turf-which-is-safer/ Not a bad read.
  4. WV lost two of thier better coaches to other programs and a third stepped down. Supposedly they have a couple coming in to replace. Ryan is still in the main spot so I wouldn't worry much about them doing anything special. Talents been there and the JV coaches did a decent job with a offense full of freshman only bad games they had was when the Freshman played Cleveland. And the same night the JV played Ooltewah. That split the two squads up and they don't have the depth to compete as a solo unit. Me personally would never play a freshman football game as a coach I'd rather play JV give them a true look at playing against and with other kids. And if you don't have the numbers in certain areas of the game i. e. O line or D line. Then it helps you. As far as Varsity goes they have a great QB one what could be great receiver who is big and athletic in Westfield a O line that( outside the one guard who does nothing but run around waving his arms) should be one of the best if not the best they've had. D Line he has plenty who can play ( proven in a JV game against Rhea lost but one of the most physical games I've seen ) but the Headman has to let them play. Their Linebackers have to be replaced and they are supposedly getting some baseball basketball players coming out again this year. There are two Linebackers that didn't play last year as sophs that could help a lot and one is a hard nosed kid. I do know one of the JV running backs has grown and is getting strong. He could be a very good back but with the Headman you never know who will get on the field. I hope to get to a couple spring practices for all our schools this year. One question to DaChamps. Why would they take the ball out of Standifers hands. He's smaller than Howell but I think at QB he's tougher. With there O line he could run the ball on the keeper or throw that quick out they like. Or with his lack of height just do what Copeland did roll out and see what's available.
  5. I realize my post might of read wrong not my intention. Just clarifying my other thoughts. Although I'm not the the one who posted in this thread about Jones, People in our community really don't understand the extent of Jones contributions. Even outside of or area he has helped out.
  6. In reference to your #6. I stated that several years back about how the city was going to need to address this sooner than most thought and people told me I was crazy. I noticed it just while I would drive through different parts of the North end of the city going to and from different destinations and noticing the bus stops. Or getting behind school buses dropping off kids. Cleveland will also have to address the road situation soon. I hope some federal/state funds will become available for expanding a few major thorough fares.
  7. Well since we are putting things straight and you quoted me. I never said anything about the commission hating them except to wonder why they would. It was in response to another post that said they must hate WV for letting the turf sit there. The rest is true. I know boosters / gate / concessions/ fund raisers is where the money comes from. I heard first hand what was said about the turf and even asked someone myself why they would let it sit there. That was the answer I got. I didn't see where anyone said the Commission was anti sports? Did you think it was implied?
  8. Willie I hear your coaches former team is going after another EH player? If she goes they will compete with those mentioned above.
  9. That's what I've read also the injury aspect for high schoolers. Their tendons are still maturing as freshman Sophs and possibly even later. Obviously it's fast and doesn't get muddy during rain.
  10. Word it however you will. Change the rule regulation or whatever. Jeez.
  11. I agree , make the exception.
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