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  1. coach t...i have a problem...i am johndeere22, and i havent been on here in a while but i got on here and i keep findin someone on my user name and they are posting stuff that i would never say...its makin me very mad...i am an only child and no one ever uses my computer except me...i need to know how to delete my user name and create a new one...please tell me this so i can get everything figured out...thanx
  2. I don't know how good south pitt is but there goin to have to bring more than there A game to put temple out of the region championship and a potential state tournement bid, Temple is the number 1 team in the state and I don't think caleb is goin to let anything mess up his last chance at a state title.
  3. rockwood played 1 of there worst games of the year lastnight and midway was getting all the calls they would shoot the ball and fall down and the refs would call a foul I can think of 3 times were midway just fell down and they called a foul, everything went right for midway except the last 1.5 seconds of the game and coach k almost pasted out durning a tiger timeout has anyone heird anything about him. but the tigers will be ready for cosby on thursday, it will be a good game
  4. The tigers and bulldogs split in the regular season with wartburg by 2 at home and rockwood by 7 at home there both great teams and they were co district champions. The only difference is that rockwood lost to harriman 1 time and wartburg lost to oneida. There definately the best 2 teams in the district, and we'll see who will come out on top on saturday good luck to both teams and I wana hear everyone's predictions for the game
  5. payne is goin to play tonight against harriman
  6. rockwood's goin to roll big against sunbright corey payne rolled his ankle against kingston lastnight and he wont be playing monday, but I think that the tigers are more than capable of playing without the senior guard.and I think oakdale is goin to take 1 from harriman just because I know how oakdale is when it comes tourney time they'll do anything if they think they have a chance to win. and as for coalfield and onieda that's a a toss up onieda hasn't had the season everyone thought they would have they were picked to win the district but as you see rockwood and wartburg took care of that for them, and coalfield there a streaky team that got a huge win at harriman to give them a little bit of momentum coming into the tourney.but oneida has experience and that's what it takes when it's tournement time so i'm picking the indians in a close game
  7. I agree with the everyone has the same chance to win the district tourney, the whole season there has been teams beat teams that you wouldn't thank could stay with in 20 points of other teams like when oakdale shocked oneida at home, but let's get real it's not the regular season anymore it's make or break time, and i just don't see rockwood or wartburg losing in the district tourney it's goin to come down to the co-district champs to see who the really region 4a district champions really are
  8. If harriman was half the team that devil97 says they are then I would be afraid to play them in the district but me being a rockwood fan and knowing that harriman doesn't have what it takes to even get by oakdale I'm not worried at all, you heird it here first oakdale put's the final touches on harrimans season. oakdale lost by 1 in overtime at home and by 6 at harriman the bluedevils better what out cause the eagles are looking to get a win.
  9. way to go coalfield put them devils in there place I can't wait til tourney time when they play the eagles, If they don't get beat by them there goin to get there man hood took away by rockwood
  10. Rockwood proved lastnight that they were the real district 4a champs they lost to wartburg at wartburg by 2 then we were all over them lastnight they couldn't stop us. to bad onieda couldn't get the job done with harriman. cause now you have a number 2 team at number 1 and a number 1 team at number 2.I hope wartburg gets to the district championship just so we can show who number 1 really is
  11. if rockwood wins tonight then there will be a coin toss to see who is number 1 and number 2 in the district it's goin to be a good game. but i'm saying the tigers are goin to take this 1 from the bulldogs. go tigers
  12. i think that rockwood had a pretty good defense...alcoa just has a really really really good offense...most of rockwoods team just came out in the second half and gave up, (i was at the game). they didnt show any agression at all and just wanted the night to be over with so they can go home...in other words they gave up...they were also intimidated by alcoa...they worked hard and deserved a spot in the quarterfinals, just not in the semis...congratulations to alcoa and good luck
  13. i really dont think O.S. will be that competitive this year...they did lose whalen and hayes and thats a big loss to their offense...i really dont think they will beat alcoa and the winner of the rockwood game will be whoever wants it more
  14. JohnDeere22


    well...u better look out for alcoa, they have a lot of talent and discipline. Maryville and Central always have a good season and its even better when they match up...im lookin forward to that game...riverdale looks like their going to have another great season...and greeneville could make a run in AAAA. This should be another exciting season of tennessee football
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