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  1. Thursday 3:30 pm - Sequoyah vs Halls (Girls) 5 pm - Sequoyah vs Halls (Boys) 6:30 pm - Cosby vs Briarcrest (girls) 8 pm - Cosby vs Briarcrest (boys) Friday 3:30 pm - Briarcrest vs Halls (Girls) 5 pm - Briarcrest vs Halls (Boys) 6:30 pm - Cosby vs Sequoyah (Girls) 8 pm - Cosby vs Sequoyah (Boys)
  2. Price is a Senior at Cherokee. I can see why you think she graduated, feels like a 8th year senior with her and Ashlee playing consecutive four year careers. Cocke County lost about 35 ppg game scoring off of their 42 ppg average with Sprouse and Lane graduating.
  3. If Cocke County and Tennessee High win this week, I'd assume Quad 1 would go back to last week's teams (Morristown West, South-Doyle, Morristown East, Cherokee, Cocke County, TN High, Sullivan South and Daniel Boone). TN High should be in, as they are 4-5 playing Volunteer this week. Cocke County would be more questionable. The question is, would one of the two moving back into the playoff picture move Powell or Knox West? I'd venture Powell would be the first team shifted to Q2.
  4. LandAir is this year's title sponsor
  5. Whitney Leon (P) - Jefferson County High School Nicole Ball (SS) - Cocke County High School Kelli Wyrick (3B) - Cocke County High School
  6. PTSportsWriter

    IMAC Scores

    District 2-AAA Baseball Tournament Schedule Championship Game - May 11 - 6 PM at Higher Seed Pool 1 - Seymour High School Friday May 6 G1 - 5:30 PM #1 Seymour vs #8 Cherokee G2 - 8 PM #4 Morristown West vs. #5 South-Doyle Saturday May 7 G3 - 10 AM - Winner of G1 vs Winner of G2 G4 - 12:30 PM - Loser of G1 vs Loser of G2 (Loser Eliminated) Monday May 9 G5 - 6 PM - Loser of G3 vs Winner of G4 (Loser Eliminated) Tuesday May 10 G6 - 5:30 PM - Winner of G3 vs Winner of G5 G7 - 8 PM - If Neccessary (If G5 winner beats G3 winner in G6) Pool 2 - Jefferson County High School Friday May 6 G1 - 5:30 PM #3 Sevier County vs #6 Morristown East G2 - 8 PM #2 Jefferson County vs #7 Cocke County Saturday May 7 G3 - 12 PM - Loser of G1 vs Loser of G2 (Loser Eliminated) G4 - 2:30 PM - Winner of G1 vs Winner of G2 Monday May 9 G5 - 6 PM - Winner of G3 vs Loser of G4 Tuesday May 10 G6 - 5:30 PM - Winner of G4 vs Winner of G5 G7 - 8 PM - If Neccessary (If G5 winner beats G4 winner in G6)
  7. PTSportsWriter

    IMAC Scores

    Last night's win by Seymour should seal the pools for the tournament Pool 1 - At Seymour #1 Seymour (14-0) #8 Cherokee (1-13) #4/#5 - Morristown West (7-6) & South Doyle (6-7) Winner of Tuesday's game between the two is the four seed. Same two teams will meet again Friday in tourney opener regardless. Pool 2 - At Jefferson County #2 Jefferson County (10-3) #7 Cocke County (3-11) #3 Sevier County (8-5) #6 Morristown East (5-9)
  8. http://www.newportplaintalk.com/story/34386
  9. The bracket is a double-elimination tournament, with two pools. Here is the bracket, as voted on by coaches before the season. http://classroom.jc-schools.net/baseball/bbimacD2T.htm I would assume a coin-flip would be in order between Sevier and West on Tuesday if West beats Seymour and Jeff beats Sevier tomorrow.
  10. PTSportsWriter


    April 8 Both schools had originally agreed to make it up today (Wednesday), but the Hamblen County School System wouldnt allow a Wednesday evening game....
  11. Yes, the regional brackets are set up like this: D2 #1 vs D1 #4 D1 #2 vs D2 #3 D1 #1 vs D2 #4 D2 #2 vs D1 #3 ----- Someone finally addressed the elephant in the room... and I think it's definitely been a thought of several coaching staffs - some of who are still playing and some who are at home. While Herm Edwards says you play to win the game; winning a consolation game isn't the ultimate goal...prolonging your season as long as possible is. While it may call into play integrity, I say blame the system - not the situation or those involved. They are merely following the set-up of the system and playing to it. Now if East would've upset West on Friday; that brings into play an even more interesting question.... The loser of the championship game would've been in a likely better position than the winner.
  12. I don't see why this is such a shocker...this is a Buda-less Lady Red team....they are basically a one-horse team right now and extremely vulnerable to an effective defense. Greeneville man-handled them without her. Will they have her back for the tourney? Definitely not a shocker. And that was their tourney. They had hoped maybe to get her back next week. But there won't be a next week for them. Which is a sad story for her... She had worked extremely hard to try to come back.
  13. Sevier and Morristown East would meet in the semifinals.
  14. Boys #1 and #2 may have put themselves into a corner with these brackets too. If the tournament gets pushed back a day due to winter weather, I can imagine that Saturday would turn into semifinal day with four semifinals... a day after the boys #1 and #2 seeds play on Friday night.
  15. District 2-AAA Boys Seedings 1 - Sevier County 2 - Jefferson County 3 - Cocke County 4 - Morristown East 5 - Cherokee 6 - South Doyle 7 - Morristown West 8 - Seymour Schedule Tuesday, February 16 G1 - 6 PM - #3 Cocke County vs #6 South Doyle G2 - 7:30 PM - #4 Morristown East vs. #5 Cherokee Thursday, February 18 G3 - 6 PM - #1 Sevier County vs. #8 Seymour G4 - 7:30 PM - #2 Jefferson County vs #7 Morristown West Saturday, February 20 G5 - 6 PM - Winner of G2 vs Winner of G3 G6 - 7:30 PM - Winner of G1 vs Winner of G4 Tuesday, February 23 G7 6 PM - Loser of G5 vs Loser of G6 G8 7:30 PM - Winner of G5 vs Winner of G6 All District 2-AAA Games - Girls and Boys - Played at Morristown East High School
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