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  1. Voting ends Tomorrow. You may vote more then once. To do so close out of your browser and resubmit. Kara Woods, would like to Thank Anyone, and All who voted!
  2. Who's on the Team/ what H.S. do they represent? Thank You.
  3. My Bad. Understand now. Yes we have one of those too. Our fans try and always help him. Hope I did not offend you, that wasn't my intent.
  4. Are you a coach? Get your team to help. If you were a spectator, dont take so much. If you needed assistance because of a disability they would help, just had to ask. I saw it happen. Have a good day. Not busting your hump over this everyone has there own opinion.


    Hello BigMo, have you been looking on the Travel Boards a cpl of offers. Have you had any luck?


    Well said! The school must realize, every kid cant shine in every sport, though they play them all. For the Athletic director to shove Basket Ball down there throats is distasteful, some kids from other sports use it as a program to stay in shape. Coach you will be missed! Big Erwin town. :!: Best wishes to All those young Ladies who love the game of softball!
  7. Well not being ugly MTSN, if you had to walk a mile, then you selected too. Them there youngins had those golf carts rollin. Though I agree with the rest of the statement.
  8. That's very educational there Gomer! LOL
  9. T$$AA have made millions off of High school sports! Do you really think they give A R--- A-- about us or what we want? The answer is simple, NO! They will continue to do as they will just like our government, because we tolerate it. Boycot and break them, that they will understand. No teams no money. Huh, that would get some attention!
  10. Kara Woods Pitcher/Utility. Is a top 10 Finalist in the "Jason Witten" (Dallas Cowboys) Scholarship Award Finalist. She Has been AllState X's 4, Helped take The Unicoi County Lady Devils to State X's 4, Won State Championship in 2009,2008 Finished 3rd, 2010 Finished 5th, 2011 Finished 3rd in State of Tennessee. Many other Numerous Awards. Carried a H.S. GPA of 3.89 finised in top 10 of Graduating Class. Kara has finished up her Senior Year with a Blistering 141 Wins/21 Loses 1,328 Strike outs for The 4 Years at Unicoi Couty H.S. Has signed with ETSU. Wanting to be a Pediatrition. If you will go to "Tricities.Com" Search Witten, you can see the verious interviews between the Finalist. Kara Woods would appriciate your time and consideration, for your Vote! Thank you & God Bless!
  11. If you are still looking for a team for your daughter shoot me an email [email protected]

    I haven't been on in a month or more and just saw your reply to my post sorry.



    Thank you Sir! We finished 3rd of 8. Kara Woods and Company have set History for the Unicoi County Softball program. 4th yr stright to the State. 2008, 3rd/ 2009 State Champions, 2010 5th/ 2011 3rd again. So Very proud of our girls. Thank you coaching Staff for taking time from your families and free time to "Coach our Young Ladies" ! You are commended!


    Big Mo It was a pleasure to meet you. The officiating tonight is what we have delt with the whole year mostly/ not all. Great job,Glad my DD is graduating this year, so we dont have to play you all anymore. Your going to be the stuff the next few years with those BIG talented young ladies. Best wishes in the Future! If you ever come back our way, maybe we can have a sit down meal and enjoy! I may just buy. If he umps in the SEC I would bet he gets cursed alot! From the Big E TOWN.
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