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  1. What a shame for Summertown. Though I was not a Morris fan, I first thought that he got a raw deal at Collinwood last year due to the principal involving himself in a coach's business that did not warrant it. But now I wonder if there was much more to the story and the principal was right. It says a great deal when, as you bring out, a team like Summertown goes to the sub-state in 2010 and with a young team. Then Morris replaces Willard the next year and they may not even get out of the district.
  2. I was wrong in my earlier thoughts on MTCS being better than they really are. Based on how bad MC beat them they must be not very good. I think Forrest could upset somebody. Maybe tonight against MC.
  3. Figures lie and liers figure, whatever that means. My theory is as good as anyones.
  4. Don't underestimate these two teams. Cascade beat Coffee County (who just beat Shelbyville) and Forrest beat Cannon County.
  5. Cornersville is pretty tough at home. The Lady Bulldogs by 3 in a close one.
  6. Congrats to Collinwood and Columbia Academy. With a new coach at Collinwood and the absence of any drama, maybe they will play above their expections!
  7. So with Kight injured and Taylor graduating last year, this puts 3 starters from last year's team against Summertown's team that has everyone returning. But Summertown lost their starting point guard. It could give Summertown an edge tonight. There could be an upset tonight except for the fact that Moore County has the advantage on coaching. What am I trying to say...heck...I don't know! lol
  8. CA Upsets MTCS (if anyone calls it an upset) Culleoka vs. Frank Hughes...honestly no clue Richland beats Collinwood
  9. Will Kight be back soon?
  10. What a shame. I really was impressed with the Lady Eagles last year going as far as they did. And to think they were all sophmores. Well all I can say is...Go Morris! Geeezzzz!
  11. You are right, I only assumed that because I didn't recognize her before. Even though she is small she certainly was aggressive and did a great job on defense.
  12. If making a bunch of turnovers qualifies someone for Miss Basketball she is in the running. Don't get me wrong, she's a very good player but at Richland she let the Holly girl (#11) for Richland, who I think is only a freshman picked her pocket at least twice. Garland is a natural talent but she needs to play with a great deal more control.
  13. Looks like Morris should turn off all the utilities in his existing home and make an actual move. OK...along with AB23...I'm done talking about him.
  14. What a shame. If that is the same girl, I saw her play in AAU this spring with the Moore County team when they won the Division II State Championship in Shelbyville. The big post player with Summertown also played on that team I think. She was the fastest player on the court and was deadly from the 3 point line.
  15. Wow! Isn't she the starting point guard? Looks like Wayne County's best chance to win the District is to have Morris as the coach of Summertown.
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