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    hs football, track/field. college football
  1. Well I am a little rusty in high school picks lately. But here goes Blue beats MBA in a shootout Baylor defeats Christian Bros. (comfy buses and hotels if needed This sets up a tremendous rematch of the blue and the red. Questions there are will the Evil Blue Empire(EBE) choose to remain at spears stadium or will the lovely T$$aa prevail on returning to Finley? I will stay true to the blue with McCallie meeting Ensworth in Cookie town. Hope Blue Son will allow mom to sleep on the sofa and and buy the adult beverages!
  2. Ick. Congrats to the red
  3. I happen to be very glad Ralph is home! Now let's beat the red!
  4. Aww. I may have to start a blue mom section! Of course no cookie recipes, hair dresser recommendations or clothes! However, if you need to talk football and cheer for the blue come on by!
  5. That would be Rocha. He is from Cleveland tn
  6. I think Ralph will have my boys ready to play. On my way to get my game week toes done. Will post pic! Rock on trublu! Look me up at the game!
  7. Dang, I kinda liked his attitude! Reminded me of myself!
  8. Should be a good game at Finley. Here is hoping for a blue victory Blue 24 Red 14
  9. It would be nice if they did funnel that $ to the low-performers. We shall see what falls out. Transfers for athletic and academics have occurred for years and will continue. I just find open admission of public school "recruiting" or "transferring" (however one wants to phrase it)interesting.
  10. In DII a student-athlete is eligible to play varsity sports as long as they don't receive more aid than they are allowed by the independent agency in NJ and as long as the remainder is paid by their parents or legal guardian. I don't know of anyone on 100% aid who is eligible to play varsity, as a matter of fact, we have a cross country runner who is probably fastest in the state who is ineligible because he does receive a full academic ride. What I find interesting is not the Price comments nor the McClendon case, it is the admission by several public school coaches of the "transferring" that goes on between the publics who have claimed that they don't "recruit" for years. I always wondered what happened to those athletes who didn't end up with me in 9th grade at Hixson but instead showed up at Red Bank or Soddy! I guess I now know!
  11. Seriously? Students transfer for athletic reasons alone? Wow, who would have thought that.
  12. Found this interesting this am. No talk of the DII effects just NCLB. http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/feb/19/inner-city-coaches-welcome-no-transfer-rule/
  13. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Be safe in your travels and may Santa find you wherever you land! My football wish list includes an undefeated season! What does yours have?
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