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  1. I dont think David Pfifer should be second team.... he was CAKs best besides brandon
  2. Farragut is losing 11 seniors (2 backs, 4 mids, and 2 forwards, and 3 subs) throughout the year the juniors were switchin starting spots with the seniors though, so dont take them lightly
  3. I think regionals are in Oklahoma this year. Impact has already earned a bid to be there, by winning the Premier League. They will not be attending though, not even if they win state.
  4. Who do yall think will win their club state this year, and finalists u16 Liverpool(Champ) Kickers (Runner Up) u17 Arsenal(Champ) TNFC(Runner Up) u18 Impact(Champ) Fury(Runner Up)
  5. The 04 Farragut team was strait raw, but i've heard players that played on each say the 03 was better.
  6. this is random, but do you think Farragut will be the #1 overall team on the Eurosportscoreboard rankings. They are #9 right now, but everyone infront of them lost. I know they will be #1 in AAA, but I'm talking about the Redmond Top 11 or somethin like that.
  7. im pretty sure its gonna be you and Burns... you shouldnt worry about it
  8. Nathan Burns(South Doyle) Thomas Scarborough(Kingston) Kenny Love(Science Hill) They will also be attending ETSU playing for the team.
  9. Andrew Moser he transfered to Farragut from Seymour. He had to sit out till districts started, and that is his first goal for Farragut.
  10. Bearden should be good but they are losing their backs, keeper, and center mids. but im sure they got some talent to replace West Maryville Farragut they are losin 11 seniors but their juniors really stepped up this season, and they werent far behind.+
  11. You wanna talk about classless?? Talk about your wife flicking off an 18 year old high school student and telling them to F off.... it looks like somebody is a little upset that their team lost. And for you what gives you any right to come on here and talk about ben like that? he is one of the top players in the state and he yes did get a little heated out there, but you have no right to get on coacht and bash him like that. word on the street is he has a good chance of starting his first year at western kentucky too. so quit talkin smack thats all you do... plus your like 60 get outta here.... if you want to talk about embarrassing stuff lets talk about you getting on coacht and bashing 18 yr old kids when your like 40..... why don't you just get a life and stop trying to stick up for your son!!!
  12. Not 100% but i think it was #4 on a header dinged off the post in the final minutes.
  13. you got somethin against the east?
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