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  1. Basically what that person saying is people can cheat and get away with it
  2. Like I said they both broke the rules and got caught. And both are paying the price.
  3. mjuhb


    Believ it or not they are hard to follow LOL
  4. Why did he get suspended for a game? Because he was caught accepting a extra benefit. Same as James Wiseman. Don’t break the rules and you won’t get suspended. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Chase Young At Ohio State repaid a loan and it cost him
  6. Fact, James Wiseman is ineligible until he wins his reinstatement case.
  7. I guess you forgot about the time Terrell Pryor sold items like his sportsmanship award in the 08 fiesta bowl and other items he sold. He had to repay for everything he sold off before he could get his eligibility back.
  8. Only if he gets reinstated but as of right now he is ineligible https://es.pn/2NNE1MN
  9. No fake news is news you don’t like or goes against you. Remember most of those stories Trump claimed were fake news all turned up in the mueller report because White House employees testified that those stories were true. Fact, Penny and James Wiseman cheated and they will both face the music at some point. That’s not Fake News cause the booster is Penny Hardaway. Penny paid for his move. Like I said before in most cases ncaa makes a player repay the extra benefit before he gets his eligibility back. But the person he has to repay is his head coach Penny Hardaway.
  10. mjuhb


    I heard it was cancelled or Tullahoma backed out cause Julia Duncan is playing in the thssca all star game Saturday afternoon
  11. 10 games or a 3rd of the season, that’s what espn just reported. BTW most fake news turns out to be real news it’s just news that certain people don’t like.
  12. Most of time the ncaa makes you repaid the money to be eligible. But James or his mother would repaying the 11K to Penny Hardaway. You know how credibly stupid that is, to get his eligibility back he has to pay his coach money. Just think about that.
  13. James Wiseman just dropped his lawsuit, so his Memphis career is over and they will probably have to forfeit the games he played.
  14. But Penny paid for James to move into the East zone, that’s recruiting and it’s against the rules of the TSSAA. Basically you are saying it’s ok for Penny to openly cheat. Penny should be fired and given a show clause penalty. Bruce Pearl got 2 years for hosting a BBQ for recruits, thanks to Ohio State. It amazes me how much people openly cheat. Sports, Cooperate world and in politics especially politics and get away scot free.
  15. And a forfeit can still be issued to Memphis if Wiseman plays, but they don’t care.
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