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  1. mjuhb


    Jason Welch formerly of Macon Co
  2. mjuhb

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Add Coffee Co to that list. Hopefully the next coach recruit, cause last year they had more trainers/managers than they had players.
  3. mjuhb


    Tullahoma 32-31 Coffee Co Final Julia Duncan Free Throw at the very end gets T-Town the 8AAA title
  4. mjuhb


    Yeah Cody needs to quit all social media and start coaching. Hype video's on instagram aren't working.
  5. mjuhb


    Tullahoma 16-14 Marshall Co final
  6. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    They've won 9 games this year, they only won 10 from 14-17. The cats are fine, the only problem I've seen is QB has regressed some, the penalties and that is it. Jacoby Thomas probably should be the QB.
  7. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    That's because Coach Olive gets things done, there is not another AD as good as John Olive. Im glad to be stuck with him.
  8. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    37-23 Tullahoma final LA played played a smart game, Tullahoma had over 30 penalties I stopped counting. LA QB was really good but didn’t have the athletes that Tullahoma had. Marshall Co At Tullahoma next Friday
  9. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    37-23 Tullahoma late 4thQ
  10. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    23-20 Tullahoma 7 left 3rdQ
  11. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    23-13 Tullahoma start 3rdQ
  12. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    Yeah it was, unlike tullahoma LA is playing smart
  13. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    LA punter muffed the punt and picked the ball then punted the ball threw the uprights. Tullahoma 16-7 5 left 2nd Q
  14. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    Tullahoma 14-7 Livingston end of 1 Tullahoma had atleast 10 penalties in 1 quarter
  15. mjuhb

    Livingston Academy @ Tullahoma

    Note to LA, Punt the ball out of bounds