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Everything posted by mjuhb

  1. But Penny paid for James to move into the East zone, that’s recruiting and it’s against the rules of the TSSAA. Basically you are saying it’s ok for Penny to openly cheat. Penny should be fired and given a show clause penalty. Bruce Pearl got 2 years for hosting a BBQ for recruits, thanks to Ohio State. It amazes me how much people openly cheat. Sports, Cooperate world and in politics especially politics and get away scot free.
  2. And a forfeit can still be issued to Memphis if Wiseman plays, but they don’t care.
  3. It’s funny your ineligible if go to a city school system that allows county kids to attend, but you are eligible if your AAU coach wants you to play for his high school team. So he pays for your move to Memphis, East has to be striped of wins that James Wiseman played in. WTF T$$AA
  4. If the city school system is open to county kids I don’t see a problem. In Tullahoma we have coffee co students and vice versa. Fayetteville is getting screwed. Living a half mile out of city shouldn’t be a violation. If he’s coming from Huntsville just to play football that’s a problem. But I don’t see the problem if a county kid going to a city school in the same county.
  5. Didn’t think Maplewood was any good, totally shocked by their drop off. Don’t think region 4 will sweep. Nolensville and Marshall will advance. Tullahoma should win big.
  6. Apparently there isn’t any penalties for pushing Kel Greer out of bounds into the fence.
  7. mjuhb

    Class 4A

    Neither Macon nor DeKalb will beat Tullahoma. I doubt if Livingston can beat Maplewood.
  8. Congrats to Fayetteville on getting their 4th win. And Congrats on getting screwed over by the T$$AA
  9. No, John Olive coached teams would never do anything like that and if they did their careers would be over. Spread false BS elsewhere
  10. Jason Welch formerly of Macon Co
  11. Add Coffee Co to that list. Hopefully the next coach recruit, cause last year they had more trainers/managers than they had players.
  12. mjuhb


    Tullahoma 32-31 Coffee Co Final Julia Duncan Free Throw at the very end gets T-Town the 8AAA title
  13. mjuhb


    Yeah Cody needs to quit all social media and start coaching. Hype video's on instagram aren't working.
  14. They've won 9 games this year, they only won 10 from 14-17. The cats are fine, the only problem I've seen is QB has regressed some, the penalties and that is it. Jacoby Thomas probably should be the QB.
  15. That's because Coach Olive gets things done, there is not another AD as good as John Olive. Im glad to be stuck with him.
  16. 37-23 Tullahoma final LA played played a smart game, Tullahoma had over 30 penalties I stopped counting. LA QB was really good but didn’t have the athletes that Tullahoma had. Marshall Co At Tullahoma next Friday
  17. Yeah it was, unlike tullahoma LA is playing smart
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