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  1. Metro football is at an all time low. The combined wins and losses for all teams except for top two is 14-36. And the 14 wins are not against another team with a winning record. PC is 5-0 with only one win against a good program. CR is 3-2 with no wins against a good team. Very Sad.
  2. hardtackle

    D2 AAA

    CPA for the win over BA
  3. Racism, not at all. Just because I don't think a coach is the answer does not mean I am a racist. I did not think previous coach was a good choice either. So what does make me? By the way , new Overton coach off to a great start.
  4. Basing this on what? Beating HL in jamboree? New coach or recruits?
  5. This is crazy. Only parents will pay to see just a half of football. I always enjoyed seeing 6 different teams at one location.
  6. High school football is not college.
  7. I have a problem with any coach regardless of color making first contact with any player and asking him to transfer.
  8. Never been anything wrong with a parent or player seeking out another school for any reason. Wrong and unprofessional when a coach makes first contact with a player. How hard is that to understand.?
  9. I believe the post you are referring to is talking about black coaches that knowingly and openly recruit. Black coaches are not going to get hired coming from metro.
  10. I am just tired of these coaches who have to go get players from other schools. if they were so dang good at coaching as people say this would not be happening. If overton wins this fall it will not be coaching, it will be a new player out of county
  11. 7 on 7 is not football but nice recruiting job coach broome. Couldn't start at Nolensville but best in metro? Kid hasn't moved either , but stupid people including your new coach and admin think if I have a condo on harding place all is well. Also so much for coaching your own players being the answer when you have to go find some. I am sure players at Overton feel validated with their talents especially last years starter at QB.
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