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  1. Not a single coach head or assistant at the 4 schools could do any better at Overton right now.
  2. Overton? Did any of these solid coaches even apply? Why not?
  3. And who would that coach be? None of the 4 interviewing are that coach.
  4. New coach thinks very high of his self. He will never need to be told he is doing a good job , he tells his self that everyday. Has an ego bigger than he is. Suffers from little man syndrome also. He will be difficult to work with.
  5. Leader how? What has leader and number 2 done to be ranked 1 and 2? Explain, other two as they should be, please? Also is this who you would pick or just what you have heard or guess they will do? Also your thoughts about these 4 being interviewed? With all the applicants this can not be the best 4.
  6. Metro doesn't seem to ever work that way getting assistants
  7. He has a better chance winning games where he is. Better players at Maplewood, always has been.
  8. Coaches today go out and seek the players called recruiting illegally. The days you refer to kids went on their own. Back in the day Overton had many players zoned to Antioch on their teams.
  9. Flock? He recruited them with help from son Buck. I do not think he has ever coached either side of the ball ,but can recruit better than them all. Why is Stratford not doing well now, Players! WIP, How can you be so blind. You somehow skirt the fact that these coaches recruit and make them sound as if they are very good coaches. Decent coaches with great players.
  10. Right coach? Kids go where teams win games not because of coach.
  11. Date Opponent Result Fri Aug. 20 7:00 PM at Centennial Fri Aug. 27 7:00 PM Stratford Fri Sep. 3 7:00 PM Dickson County R Fri Sep. 10 7:00 PM at Maplewood Fri Sep. 24 7:00 PM Clarksville NW Fri Oct. 1 7:00 PM at McGavock R Fri Oct. 8 7:00 PM Cane Ridge R Fri Oct. 15 7:00 PM at LaVergne R Fri Oct. 22 7:00 PM Antioch R Fri Oct. 29 7:00 PM at Smyrna R
  12. The only coach mentioned by name so far that would be good is Terry Anderson. The others have had their chance and did not cut it. They are all right where they need to be.
  13. I knew I liked you. Somebody speaking the truth. Sad that this is happening, coaches that feel they have to do this and nothing being done.
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