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  1. If Dad was DC at Mount Juliet and son was showcased they would both be at MJ still. Sad that ego's have caused all of this.
  2. This is most knowledgeable post on coacht ever. All true. Not sad at all. It is the absolute truth about Metro coaches. Great post Darkness.
  3. You are right, forgot him. He is actually more a proven cheater and recruiter though.
  4. And you are clueless as well. So you are passed over great commodity the school system has not recognized ? Maybe they will realize soon your many assets.
  5. Most times this has always been the case.
  6. Name a head coach who was hired ever in Metro who was PROVEN ?
  7. Who is this mysterious person.
  8. You are wrong. The new coaches at both schools will be better. I know nothing of back stabbing or what you are talking. Coaches do not lose their jobs off another coach. These two lost their jobs on their own merits. You are just ignoring the facts.
  9. At Hillwood in this hire between top two Moore is better. As for Antioch and Overton both schools will have good coaches hired and better than past coaches.
  10. Freshmen coach and middle school coach prior. Recruiter does sound like something he would have knowledge of how to do
  11. Only thing is good pay? Metro has some good.What about a guy who wants coach football and work with kids. Don't all players that want a good coach. Don't they deserve as good a coach as others. Players who will work with right coach. Careless if they win,is that all there is? . So coaching is all about winning? If so then a lot of jobs in Tennessee are not very good, not just Metro. I need you to describe what a good or great coach is. So the only good coach wins?
  12. Who would want to work in a school system like you just described?
  13. never know, if not you then who you think?
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