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  1. Just an opinion. But yes. Never said I want this to happen, just think it will.
  2. I really hope MBA defense plays like they have first two games in playoffs. If so they have a very good chance to win.
  3. Hope MBA will continue to play well and bring home a state championship.
  4. I don't know how Rankin can enjoy beating every team they play by as much as they do. Games are over at halftime. Only game that was competitive was Maryville. Size of school is irrelevant, should step up and play with big boys. Rankin is just like his nemesis, Carlton Flatt at BA, playing where they are going to win it all. Kinda puts a damper on all the wins. Can't be fun having a running clock in state championship playoffs.
  5. Running clock. Alcoa will embarrass PC just like every team in the playoffs.
  6. Dodged a bullet. Missed extra point is not PC being good. Running clock next Friday at 3 pm. I am actually glad you won. Covington doesn't need to be embarrassed like Loudon did. Enjoy your butt whipping!!
  7. That is where PC should play. Isn't that where coach's son plays?
  8. How is it other teams are playing home and this is not an issue for them. Grass fields require proper maintenance and then are able to stand up to weekly play. I know grass fields all over metro and other counties that are still playable. Varsity football, JV football, and freshman games. Soccer and even middle schools use some fields plus band and still playable. So where is game being played?. It appears that nothing is ever done to their field. It does require some work .
  9. the Championships would have been last Friday they all had a bye week 1. Only 3 weeks needed for Division 2 state playoffs for champion.
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