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  1. the meating was today, so who got it from which teams?
  2. i agree...the mvp award stays in MTP and goes to gilbreath
  3. how about the region mvp...there wasnt really an obvious pick this year as there was the previous years with marco daily
  4. does anyone know how many receivers receive all-region
  5. zions tami aderoba also diserves some recognition at middle linebacker....he totaled 133 tackles and assists this year
  6. anyone know when the team is going to be announced
  7. CPA's offense looked great, especially thier pass offense. i believe they scored on every possesion but one, but gave the ball up on hickman's one and their defense forced a safty shortly after.
  8. zion has all thier games on radio at zioneagles.org
  9. i believe it will be. i dont think either team plans on playing eachother as an out of region game next year
  10. thanks alot longsnapper good luck to you all in the region next year aswell
  11. zion only ran 34 plays of offense to huntlands 70...all of zions scores were offensive however, they just got the job done
  12. who does collinwood play next...if moore co. wins that puts c.a. out to dosnt it?
  13. i think it'll be alot closer than people think
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