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  1. i stand by my prediction.. 9-8 franklin in ot ... this is what we have been training for to beat ravenwood.. for once lets see the humble underdogs beat their nemesis rivals ravenwood.. for everyone reading this on franklin.. LETS DO IT
  2. i think franklin has the ability to repeat for the state championship this year. i think the only real teams that have a good chance of beating franklin is cookeville.. i also think that half of the d1 teams couldnt contend for the d2 state title..
  3. hey i just wanted to apologize for my previous statement. we talked about it at practice today and i was wrong to say those things. what i meant to say is that we are the only undefeated team in the state and that goes to show that Franklin has a lot of potential to beat any d1 team.. sorry for starting stuff with 'half of the teams in the state'.. what i meant to say is that i think the rebels have a legitimate shot of beating any of those teams mentioned.. sorry for anyone who was offended i think if the raptors overlook us that we can win 8-4 i think if they dont overlook us that we can win 9-8 (OT) anyone got any other predictions to this rivalry game?
  4. even though division two is the hardest division to win state in i truly believe that the rebels will repeat and on the way to the repeat that they will take down Ravenwood. I've seen both play and Ravenwood aint got nothing on the Rebels. Ravenwood i suggest one thing to you.. and that one piece of advice is to not look past the mighty Franklin Rebels! they will beat you just like they beat you in football.. by the way centennial and bretnwood are garbage.. Other teams that are garbage: Father Ryan Webb (belbuckle) Houston McCallie - they lost to CBHS ( i mean come on) Baylor Cookeville the other worse webb Ravenwood (My prediction FHS by 2) Farragut Ensworth PJP2 USN I guarantee that Franlkin on a good day could beat all of these teams by at least 5 +
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