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  1. jogabonito

    all state?

    Any link to the lists?
  2. jogabonito

    Boys Soccer 2008

    What level in college do you think? Anyone capable of D1? And yes I have heard they dont play and for two teams that traditionally are great programs to be so close and not play is terrible.
  3. jogabonito

    Boys Soccer 2008

    Will any other Memphis teams be good this year Speedy?
  4. jogabonito

    Club State

    Sounds like Crush is playing well. I watched the mfc v tnfc game at state and in the first half mfc looked very good. However they did look weaker in the second half, tnfc had far more chances, not sure if anything changed maybe tnfc just stepped up. I also got to see some of the tnfc and crush semi-final and crush look very good. When I heard mfc and crush were in the finals I thought if mfc played like they did in the first half against tnfc they would win, not sure how the game went though, i know it was a 2-2 tie and went in pk's and so on. Congrats to Crush on making it to the semi's!