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  1. Ok, I can personally attest to the fact that shaving your head never ends well on the running side of the stick. I seriously hope that Mahaney didn't really do it. Coniglio, I'm sad you won't be at the Classic this year. Kinda looked forward to seeing you there. I might be missing at least part of the UT v Florida game for this, so it had better be good. And since I've missed so much, here's my take on things: 1 - Scoring should be kept as is. 2 - Why does HarrierCouch hate MLK so much? 3 - My predictions: - Mahaney will win individually. - MLK will win team title (Gotta root for the old team) 4 - Back when I was in Cashville, I saw Musick doing some pretty sick stuff, so he's one to watch. 5 - MC will be good, I'd say top 5. 6 - DL is probably going to come back strong, they usually do. 7 - FRA used to be a perennial pick for top 5, but they've lost a lot. Wouldn't count them out completely, who knows what could happen. 8 - SC will be pretty good too, I could see them battling MC for 4th or 5th. 9 - USJC is going to come back strong, but I don't want them to beat MLK again, so I'm calling them 2nd (call me biased). That's quite a composition, so I'll leave it at that. Best of luck to all this year, I'll be down for the Classic and State, so make em good.
  2. NickWinn

    Foot Locker

    All I gotta know is... Why am I "Nike Winnie The Pooh"? And Coniglio, what exactly is your PR?
  3. NickWinn

    To A/AA

    So Helton ran Twilight and Kroeger ran Jesse Owens? That's a little ridiculous I think. By the way, that thread was hilarious, I'm kinda sad they locked it. At least it's not deleted like the one with HarrierCoach talking about Musto's inconsistency.
  4. NickWinn

    To A/AA

    I know I wasn't pleased with mine. PR'd by 4 seconds, but wasn't satisfied. I have a feeling I'll PR again at Steeple. Our seniors weren't really pleased, but our sophomores seemed happy. By the way, the rest of Hume Fogg ran too, not just Blitton.
  5. NickWinn

    To A/AA

    Thank you, werner. I like to keep it simple. Stealth: Oh. Now I feel dumb. Then again, I lied, it was 2 races.
  6. NickWinn

    To A/AA

    To catch up on a few things: 1. We're lining up times from Greene Devils, which have already been said to be around a minute fast, so I figure go ahead and throw in the Twilight times too. 2. Stealth had 2 bad races at the same meet in one year. That's impressive, I don't care who you are. 3. Cab, the whole point behind singling you out was that he was saying you were singling out one guy, when the Clark Range thing was a whole team. 4. I love how in the past few weeks I haven't run at all and moved back 11 spots in these rankings. State's going to be sweet. 5. Where is Greene Devils?
  7. NickWinn

    To A/AA

    Then congratulations to Macon. I'm not sure why, but Father Ryan went to Florida. From what I hear, everyone ran really well. Then again, the course might not really be legitimate.
  8. NickWinn

    To A/AA

    Well, I'd say he's already proved that, he's got the #10 spot according to TennesseeRunner on Steeple against people running at Greene Devils and Eye Opener, where the times were about a minute and about 30 seconds fast, respectively. As a side note, I hear that Anneken ran about a 16:02 this morning in Florida.
  9. Come on, man, get it right. You've gotta write that in it's own topic in the spirit of famtom.
  10. We only had 6 because too many of our guys are busy being JV and the one who was supposed to run was taking the ACT. And what Coniglio said.
  11. Nah, what happened to him running unattached? He's gonna win it for himself, then CCS will beg him to come back.
  12. It's to be assumed you'll get faster. Technically, pretty much everyone here is chasing SOMEONE, so at some level, we're all going to get better. I'm picking Mahaney on this one.
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