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  1. All i heard last year was joseph bailey and how incredibly good he was...yet when push came to shove he choked in the game versus whs. I guarded his butt the entire game and all i heard was his cocky attitude and how he wasnt gettting the ball enough......Pickett may have a lot of talent but let me say from experience, their only has to be one selfvish basketball player on the team to destroy it from within. Example: Westmoreland of 2003-2004
  2. I have recently been informed of the selection for the district 8a mvp award. I am astonded that the young lady from Trousdale County known as Kaja Moore recieved this award. It absolutely blows my mind that a player in which does not advance past the first round of the district recieves this honor. I dont care what the excuse is or who you guys 'think' deserved it. The fact of the matter is that Sarah Jones from Westmoreland was unstoppable and each of you know it. She was the leader on the team in which advanced to the 2nd round of the region, and she is the one that averaged over 14 points a game and yet you do something like this to her on her senior season. There is nothing that can be said for this kind of crap and it is completely unbelieveable that even you(coaches-mentors to our young people)are overcome by jealously and revenge.
  3. Alright im the #21 who apparently "hit" the ref on the back. i simply went up to the ref and said good game and hit his back. i was not trying to prove a point any whatsoever and my actions were as innocent as my hit. Now to wtaylor it is one thing to get on here and insult me but never disgrace the name of my father and the job he does. there are at least 5-6 people from our own school who are not allowed to come to the games for the statements that were made to coaches in previous games. and i do believe that it was my dad that was being more of a principal at macon county. My dad has punished me for the statement i made even though i meant nothing by it. And furthermore, come feb.13 u might as well not start the talkin at our gym because there will be at least 4-5 cops there and my dad,unlike some administrations,will not hesistate to kick you out.
  4. It was just a classic case of Westmoreland getting over confident in the second half.. They had a 13 point lead, and didn't think that they had to show up in the second half....
  6. westmoreland is the team to beat period....no one can stop #10 and #30 they are back and unstoppable.....i think the only thing that MIGHT be able to stop them from getting back to state is clarkrange in the regions....
  7. hey phsfan, humm let me see w-land is terrible but its weird seeing that we held them to 3 first downs the whole game and let me see they ran all over you guys..therefore i suggest you shut your mouth before you talk of things you dont know of
  8. haha im just messin with ya man....and i do agree that snow is a good player just check out some so sj's stats whe u can
  9. u posted michelle snow over sarah jones! whats up with that? take a look at the stats of the region game last year and see if ur opinion changes...as a matter of fact take a look at the stats period
  10. unaka? maybe.....but u have to also consider that westmoreland also returned everyone and was beaten only by trousdale county in overtime not to have the district title....maybe so maybe not but id watch the eagles opener against portland to see if they are the real deal
  11. thank you so much for the comment titanman they are greatly appreciated....this team continues to come out as the underdog week after week and we just try and prove ourselves....im so proud of the guys tonite and i just hope people now realize that we can compete......also i would like to make a statement about the kneeing at the end of the 4th....year after year i continue to have respect for lipscomb because of those kinds of things.Do they try and embarrass or run up the score? No they just try and win and i think thats very honorable and shows the integrity of their coaching staff...i would also like to add that its a shame that all the other private schools in our region aren't like that coughcough....great game guys and i hope we play again!
  12. wow......haha......snooze.....that makes it all the sweeter
  13. well guys i have to say i have been very impressed with the way westmoreland has played this year.....they are 3rd in sumner county in offense and 1st in defense(60 yds a game)....I think this game will come down to the wire and am looking forward to it very much....tell me your predictions and comments prediction: Lipscomb:10 Westmoreland:14
  14. hey tnchad1980....... your score was right man!great prediction!.............wait a second i think u got the teams confuse though it was w-land 35 fairview-8 man u should go to vegas!(except for the team mix-up)
  15. i think this will be a good game.....even though westmoreland lost to Macon their defense played solid and shut them down except for 2 big plays...as far as the offense we moved the ball well but they just cant make the mistakes of fumbling...
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