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  1. 2 signees from Brentwood High School...Cameron Mason, TE/DE and Region 6-5A Defensive Player of the Year will be playing his college ball at the United States Naval Academy. Cole Tischer, MLB, will be signing with Western Kentucky. Both Mason and Tischer were first team all-region, all-county, and all state players for Brentwood and the Bruin nation wish them much success in their college careers!
  2. What percentage of the coaches in the state belong to TFCA? If the number is at least 95% then I would think this poll has validity.
  3. There is a possibility that they were invited but declined - they do have the option to say no. Brentwood had 2 kids invited to play but one declined, and that was the case with several other schools as well.
  4. If the region awards/team selection is "massively flawed and ridiculous" per your words above, does that mean that the 8 players who were named from Franklin shouldn't have been included? I think you had better think before typing because it reflects on those you support as much as those you oppose. We have to assume that those who voted are more in the know than the armchair quarterbacks who kvetch on these boards after the fact.
  5. I believe that you have the Defensive Player of the Year wrong - it was Cameron Mason of Brentwood High School.
  6. Are you kidding? I certainly hope so, because if you are still holding a 5 year old grudge and plan to seek revenge against kids who were nowhere near that activity you really need to get a life. As I recall there was no stomping on your F at midfield during the regular season game this year. And people can celebrate a win without being childish about it, so let's all try to remember that tonight.
  7. 71Pops, thanks for the kind words. It is my hope that we can all, both Brentwood and Franklin supporters, join together in praying for an injury-free game on both sides of the ball, good sportsmanship on both sides of the ball, and most of all that the players for both teams leave their best out on the field of play. Win or lose, don't hold back any effort or any enthusiasm. For the seniors on the squad that comes up short, this will be their last high school game, many of them never to play again. A fortunate few will go on to play in college, but this will be the last game with their childhood buddies. Go out there guys and play like it is your last game. Make this a night that everyone will remember, but for the right reasons. That is what makes high school football the sport that makes fan-atics of us all! Godspeed and may God bless all players, coaches and parents involved.
  8. Okay, I can't take it anymore. I have sat back and been unwilling to join in this ridiculous war of words, but I just can't do that anymore. For all those Brentwood posters on this thread - please be quiet!! Don't give Franklin any more articles to post up in their locker room. This week's game will be a tough one and we don't need to give the opponent any mental edge. Let the boys handle this on the field of play, and win or lose, let them show what they are made of. I am the parent of a player and beg you to rein this in and keep our reputation what it should be. For all you Franklin-lovers on this thread, I am going to say this. Brentwood fans are every bit as proud of their team as you are of yours. We love the grit and determination of these boys, and the senior leadership that has been exhibited is what keeps driving this team forward each week, even when the odds seem stacked against them. I am sick and tired of seeing on these sites that we are arrogant or elitist or whatever other terms can be dredged up against us. We have endured some of the dirtiest play I have ever seen this year, mainly because we are Brentwood. The Channel 3 announcers and the Tennessean have such a bias against Brentwood and for Franklin it is ridiculous! Everywhere we go we hear "those snobs from Brentwood" this or that. There are many of us who actually work to live in Brentwood specifically so that our children can go to the #1 rated public high school in the state of TN. Check out Newsweek! From academics to sports to the caliber of the families, there is nothing about Brentwood that we can be ashamed of and nothing you say will change that. So, all of this to say that if you hear Brentwood fans getting a bit passionate about our team you can know that it is because we are the ONLY ones who will! Brentwood has never gotten the respect it deserves and we know that our kids need just as much support as the next team and we will be the ones to give it to them. Let us enjoy this bit of success the Bruins are experiencing and give those boys some props for the great effort they continue to put forth. You people tire me greatly with all of this nonsense.
  9. Bruins supporters care passionately about their team, but as mvs-brentwood points out we prefer to leave the talking on the field of play, not on these message boards. From some of the misguided, childish comments that I have seen on several other topics it is no wonder that most of the Bruin faithful have decided to hold off on resorting to that kind of negative and non-productive effort. Winning with class and style gets my vote everyday!!
  10. Just a few days before the game and nary a post in sight regarding the Bruins/Eagles game on Friday. What are Brentwood's strengths/weaknesses compared with Independence's strengths/weaknesses? Predictions?
  11. You have got to be kidding me. Maybe you should visit during workouts to see how good athletes are built. Great to see that sour grapes are still on the vine.
  12. Because of the caliber of their returning starters and talented backups, Brentwood should be poised to have a good season. A definite key to success, however, will be their ability to throw the ball which was not a strong point last season. If they can identify a strong QB this spring and get that person lots of reps with his receiving corps over the summer then I believe they will be in a top position by the end of the regular season.
  13. Congratulations to the Brentwood Lacrosse Club for their championship win at the Dan Anderson Lacrosse Classic in Birmingham this weekend. A great team effort and a special nod to MVP David Catterton - well deserved honor for terrific goalie play! GO BRUINS!!
  14. 6-5A fans have been awfully quiet. Although spring practice hasn't yet begun, surely there are some thoughts about what the upcoming season might bring. Isn't anyone else having serious football withdrawals like me? Let's get some discussion going - I am tired of reading about Franklin County and East TN!
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