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  1. #1. Is it sad that this was the first place I came to when I heard this news? #2. Unbelievable moment for the team, the students, the parents, and the Northern Franklin community. Brian Rector has these guys headed in a fantastic direction. It's been more than 5 years since I've walked through the halls, but I can honestly say I've never been more proud to be a Centennial Cougar. C-C-CHS!!!
  2. Obviously, I've been out of the HS loop for some time now. But my sisters just got back from the Centennial at Lawrence County game. And they described a stretch of the game that...if true...is pretty disgusting. And I'm wondering if anybody on here was at the game to witness what happened. This is what I WAS TOLD... From what I heard, both teams were very chippy (some would say cheap) at the start. Well at some point, CHS's TJ Leach was carrying with the ball, when a Lawrence county defender grabbed him by the facemask, pulled his head all the way back, and then slammed onto TJ's back. Apparently TJ was badly hurt, and an ambulance was called onto the field. Well apparently next, TJ's dad ran onto the field to check on his son. But before he could get to his son, the police ran after him, tackled him, and escorted him out of the stadium...WHILE HIS SON WAS LAYING ON THE GROUND SERIOUSLY INJURED. The CHS Coaches protested, but were apparently threatened with ejection as well. Well naturally, this didn't sit well with the fans, and they protested as well. Well all of Centennial's fans were then asked to leave the game...all while their friend, their teammate, their classmate...lay seriously injured on the field. That was the version I got. Can anyone shed light on this? If this is true...that police force needs to be put under investigation. That just makes me sick.
  3. Just clearing a few things up. First as a Lions fan, I can say with absolute confidence that the majority of last year's core (if you can even call it a core, since injuries shuffled the roster every two weeks) is gone. Really, The only returning players that had consistent playing time last year are Calvin Johnson, Ernie Sims, and Dominic Raiola, along with Hanson and Harris on special teams. Other than that, the team was rebuilt from top to bottom this offseason. Nobody on our end is expecting instant results this season, but I can assure you that the majority of Lions fans are actually excited about the direction we've been headed over the course of this offseason. We had a great draft, and alot of the guys we've brought in through trades or free agency should fill some much needed holes. Like I said, there's still alot of work to be done, but don't be surprised if our luck changes down the road. Now back to the high school level. Last year, Indy lost about 70% of their key guys from a state runner up team. As a result, you were looking at a very young, inexperienced team, with several starters that had seldom played a snap of varsity football. There are very few players who can step in as a freshman or sophomore and immediately master the system, speed, and skill of HS varsity football. However, once these players get games under their belt, they start to get a feel for the game, and you start to see improvement. (Ask any Centennial fan about Chaz Scales in 2005 vs. 2008) Indy has a solid young team with alot of potential, and they will head into this season with alot improvement and alot more experience. Having most of the core returning, the players already know the system and what to expect on the field. Instead of adjusting the experience as a whole, the players can focus on improving the finer points of their game.
  4. Is it by the whole 11-AAA region or just among the 5A schools? Because the way I was told made it sound like it is just 5A standings (i.e. whoever wins gets the spot by default)
  5. Logan Massengale (LT, Ravenwood) and Cole Tischer (DE, Brentwood) have both officially signed with WKU. Also of note, former RHS coach Brian Rector was officially named an offensive graduate assistant for WKU.
  6. From someone inside a college program, this is a good move for Rector. Yes, the GA spot doesn't always seem like a glamorous job, but for anyone who is serious about coaching at the collegiate level, this is a great start. He'll get a good feel for the D1 level while working under and learning from a great coaching staff at WKU, and will also have a few Ravenwood alums playing for him there. As we've seen at RHS, Rector is a bright young coach with an excellent feel for the game. I can tell that this is the start of a great future for Brian Rector
  7. Someone please tell me Im seeing that Centennial-Franklin score right.......
  8. Let me get this straight, Franklin loses one district game, their first regular season district loss in close to 4 years, and all of a sudden they become a team about to collapse? Give me a break. When I look at this, all I see is one loss, against a solid Brentwood team, in the middle of a season. Yes, considering the district dominance of FHS over the past few years this loss does send a bit of a shockwave through the District. But bottom line, its only one loss. What has impressed me most about this FHS program over the years is their ability to win games by several different means. They can beat you with sheer power down low, athleticism with drives to the basket and strong cuts, or lights out shooting. They've always brought so much depth and so many different style players that its nearly impossible for teams to match up with them for a full 32. Every year, we hear about Franklin losing key guys or being weaker than the year before. And yet, they still manage to come out and be the class of the District year after year. And maybe its just me, but I dont see that trend ending anytime soon. As for the rest of District, theres still alot of basketball left to be played. There seems to be alot of inconsistent play from alot of teams this year, so whoever gets a good run at the end of the year could be looking at a good chance at the title. Last but not least: Go Cougars! From the sounds of things its been rough so far, but like I said, still alot of time.
  9. I'll second donathan's point: not since that 05 RHS team has 6-5A seen a team this complete. Im actually reminded of the 2002 Brentwood team that won state. I don't know much about White Station, can anyone out west give us a little more insight? What type of offense, strength of defense, strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  10. This is always one of my favorite matchups to watch during the year. Mainly because these two always seem to be too evenly matched to preduct an outcome. Basically, anything and everything can happen when these two get together. Overall, it would again appear that these two are evenly matched headed in. I think FHS has a slightly more explosive offense, and Brentwood has a slightly better defense, but both are great on both sides of the ball. Its games that are this evenly matched in which the little things are really magnified. Finishing blocks, effective tackling, limiting penalties, etc. In games like these, we often see the turnover margin have a huge effect on the outcome. Sometimes its that one extra drive off a fumble or interception that can really turn the direction of the game (as we saw in this game earlier this year). I don't think this game will be any different. The winner of this game will be the team that executes the little things better, and who makes the fewest mistakes.
  11. One school has looked at him as a running back, and another has considered him at DB Tony Kemp is also getting some serious looks from a few D-1 schools
  12. Hey guys: Brentwood won, Centennial lost. I say we leave it at that and move on
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