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  1. Wow a shocker, the word little man out of your mouth for the 300th time You need help for your lies and for your cowardly actions You need to put on some grown up pants how dare you say I need to grow ip when you at first call mykidsdads wife names, you insult powercat with names, sterotype me with your gold chains etc. and not to mention you brag about my house is paid off, my great property. Not to mention I offered to meet and buy you lunch and your called me a gay slur so , yeah right taco look in the mirror whom is the one that needs to grow up. I don't expect anything from your posts then the usual avoid the queston, a lil man remark, ur petty lies and your cowardly actions.... See you call me out by saying I called you a coward since I'm in Florida and a distance from you but when I said I will call it to your face what do you do? The usual avoid and hide behind your dress....your the little one and I own you until you decide to man up, so go to ur room
  2. 1. first show and tell me whom threatened you..... 2. dont flatter yourself was in LAX for red eye flight so i was not staying awake for you 3. Again you say im weak for calling you a coward from a distance ( florida ) All i said was you are the coward as i would meet you in person - so.... AND LASTLY you say grow up b/c we get worked up and how mentally weak we are over a message board ? wait it was you first to throw out a slur with your "I can just picture the faux gold chains hanging from your neck, and spaghetti stain on the front of your shirt" or calling powercat names and having a dig at mykidsdad's wife - so whom is the pathetic one TACO ? again you lose you will continue to lose -and you are the joke of coacht opps i forgot you are also the coward as well of coacht.... so come back with you petty little girl quotes
  3. powercat - i did some research and i found a pic of TACO aka Robito Eubanks - its no wonder he was afraid to meet us !!!! http://cheezburger.com/W1N5T0N/lolz/View/4810453760
  4. shag- firstly yes props to mykidsdad for giving out his name, but powercat and myself have offered to meet and greet taco so I doubt we are talking with my fingers - and if you are over 18 please feel free to buy this ex wilco and ex Notre Dame linebacker a lunch in rutherford Co....and for the record please back up what you preach and son you wouldnt have to buy lunch casue i would steal the money your momma gave you... to the game now - will CHS hold the Rebs under 45 ......
  5. B Grasshopper , Indy lost its respect and has to earn it back.....yes they did hold the blaze in check give them credit, the page game well its page but the d does grab credit as it pitched a shutout...... The big question is can indy score enough to win, I'm still not sold they can but a weak bhs and fhs will help a lot. Very early but this is A MUST win for the eagles
  6. First wettacoback I will call you a coward in person when I come to visit Sept 15 thru 20 So you say since I'm in Florida with the safety distance its the only reason I'm calling you a coward.......why don't you take your little dress off and and let me show you I will CALL you a coward in your face.. I am tired of all of your petty lil talk, and that is what it is ...... you hide behind your computer screen, think you are cute with your little ATTEMPT at verbal jabs but when someone calls you out or wANTS TO meet you , you come up with many sissy little girl reasons as to why you can't.wow here we go again, you say I'm a coward for calling you out all the way from Florida, well spicinspan I will call you one face to face. See don't come out and sAY stuff like that when you can't back it up.. Wait come up with more excuses that you are higher class, you don't meet strangers and whatever else that A true coward shows like yourself......lil sissy afraid to meet in public....ohhhh bring your w2 form as well since you think your in a social tax bracket better then us....Dream on, dream on...... better yet Bring your greencard .. MAKE SOME MORE excuses, everyone here knows your a liar, fraud, big coward and most of all scared ....... I know sharing a computer must be hard for you and the 5 others families you live with, don't be mad at the world cause Mrs taco does what all rhymes with Texaco women do when they hit 25 get fat .....why is that taco............. Ps sorry no gold chains or pasta on my shirt only taco sauce seeing I just ate u for dinner.
  7. Let us not forget that taco won't meet any of us , so goes to show you what a coward he is.
  8. TACO has to show up as he is eubanks . Question can chs hold fhs to under 40 pts
  9. Powecat we are wasting our time, he continues to play his childish games of find me , while we offer to meet him anywhere Anyplace....its simple he is afaid, we will meet you taco where and whenever , but you are the little one that can't man up
  10. Had many pacing the fence for lil man taco. no one even close to what he described .. Good ol ball coach taco better worry bout FHS putting up 50 next week instead of posting. Wonder how soon he will drop chs and pick a new team to support....... Keep hiding
  11. okay aka TACO i find your above statement very interesting and perhaps you can show me the logic in what you mean by " I am a new fan of CHS. After an abysmal season at Indy last year, I chose another team to follow. CHS seemed to be exciting and an up and comer, so why not root for the underdog? " you were boasting of CHS and bashing INDY before before Rector was hired - so how can you say a team ( CHS ) that lost its last 5 games by a combined score of 186 - 58 say indy was bad and chs was up and coming - Indy went 3 - 2 last five games and yes horrible offense thier 2011 defense should be one of the best in the league this year/ see you soon
  12. jason eubanks you are killing me here - Again you try to use petty non-funny jokes to avoid the truth ..... NOW the real question is your sexuality - something is wrong with you when you say "go ask some other guy out for coffee. Sorry, but I dont swing that way." hmmmmmmm makes me want to talk to your wife, and ask her if you are a switch hitter - they always say that those quick to bash are hiding in the closet.. Sorry to break your heart but, my offer to give $100.00 To CHS just for the chance to meet you over a coffee was not a date. Nothing more then sitting down with a cup of coffee, talking football - and the offer was for all and anyone to come out. If you feel happy bring Mrs Eubanks and I will bring my wife if that makes you feel more secure - and no worries my wife is too hot to for you or your wife to swing that way.... YOU HAVE NEVER REPEAT NEVER given your name to anyone on here - and if you have ( which we know you have not ) why would you not give it out again ? Instead you say find me , i stand along the fence - yeah you are right i will spend my Friday night trying to find you and then you will tell us well i was not at the game ....... I know where to find you on the sidelines.... You have become the the joke of the coacht- all talk no show ALL TALK NO SHOW .... YOU COME OUT AND call out people from hiding behind a screen name, then you get challenged as mykidsdad gave you his full name, powercat and myself more then willing to meet in person and what do you do > you avoid the question, you try to make jokes , you say i have given you my name - You are A COWARD - hmmmmm maybe even a U of Buffalo player talked about you on coacht........ man, for someone with no ties to CHS you sure are passionate - sure your wife loves it when you leave her home on a friday night to go watch a football game cough cough - well maybe she likes you leave on Friday night - maybe that is when she swings ---- ouch , makin fun of your wife and still dont wanna say hello to me........ okay - waiting for your reply and the usual , i said my name, i dont meet men , your petty attempts of verbal jabs, your spin.....
  13. Coward you are the biggest coward of all , you are the one hiding behind a screen name. You keep saying I have said ny name on here- funny we can't find it nor can we locate it anywhere. You keep saying I don't play silly games, we do you hide behind a screen name? It's you that's a loser sorry coward and that is hiding...say your name please stop lying and telling hd you said your name on here before...2 people offered to meet you on here , one gave you his full name and you, will you keep on spinning the issue , you keep being silly, you keep being a coward and you are dodging the issue.... I will donate 100 to chs for our visit taco , so...... Your time is drawing near to whom you really are, time for a Jew screen name......old man whom you say you are but talk like a child, make fun is others like a school girl and for such an old man as you state spread word of pot smoking in indy locker room.......... Phone call to Brian on Monday go say hello..........great guy I met few years back after indy knocked off RHS for the first time, will make sure he keeps an eye if for the silly old man
  14. good stuff 'tween you and old kids dad - what is next is TACO gonna bring a ROSE for powercat? well im 47 blonde hair blue eyes 5.11 180 lbs tan good hair wait that is brad pitts details - cmon taco, really were gonna go for a game and look for that description and hope to find you... told you and i will buy the coffee, met me when i make my journey up from Destin to franklin - no trying to find me at a game - cool springs starbucks - in fact come one come all and lets swap some stories . . . . your call next taco ?
  15. Keep hiding, powercat, keep hiding. You've been called out and you didnt stand up to the challenge every time. well Taco you called out powercat to stop hiding - she threw a challange to meet you to prove you are not the fired INDY coach - so this is your chance to meet powercat - this is your chance to prove your not the FIRED INDY COACH = so the gauntlet was laid out by powercat - I have no doubts AT ALL it is YOU that will be the obe that HIDES - In fact 9/17 thru 22 I will be in the area - would love to buy you a coffee - so you gonna run or hide from meeting powercat - as you always say "whom is the little one now "
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