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  1. Anything happening with this position right now?
  2. Hey man, just put the ego aside. No one cares. If you really are at that level of coaching, then why are you on HS message boards? Just move on. This is a board about the opening at Summit. Please just stick to that. I do agree with HighLife that a younger coach in the area would be a great way to go, however I have a feeling Summit admin will be looking for someone with a couple of wrinkles. Too bad. A young enthusiastic coach that is looking to sell out might be good to motivate a school and community to rally around the program
  3. Probably no one associated with this district would have guessed this match up would have the meaning that it does this season, but these are currently the top two teams in 11-AAA. Should be a huge crowd at Howard Gamble Stadium this Friday night
  4. I'm very surprised there is not more chatter surrounding this historic rivalry. Ever since Brentwood football really started rolling in the early 90's this thing has always been a slugfest, with Brentwood basically dominating in the recent years. It is interesting to see both of these teams opponents combined records. Brentwoods opponents are 24-10 and Franklins are 11-18. So, yeah it's fair to say that Brentwood has played much tougher competition, but don't forget.....Franklin has won all their games, Brentwood has beaten a team that is 0-6 (which Franklin also beat) and 4-2. Regardless, throw out the records and anything else, this should be an amazing game regardless. If Franklin plays with confidence and a realistic perspective of themselves, instead of reading too far in to 5-0, should be able to win this game. Have people started saving seats yet for the game tomorrow?
  5. The Rebels seem to be rolling right now and are headed to the historic "Pit." Both teams currently hold winning records, so they must be doing some stuff right. What's the scoop on this weeks game? It's great to see this rivalry renewed from the old Palmer and Johnson days at FHS.
  6. One good year and it all goes to your head. I'd probably say that CHS could answer the bottom of the barrel question better than Franklin since that was the first losing season in something like 10 years and they're 1-15 all time against Centennial. But I wasn't making the comment to have a "coachT battle" simply making a joke....aparently over your head, which seems to be hard since it's so large. Back to my original question, does anyone have the final Dickson schedule. I'm sure more people are curious
  7. Does anyone have Dickson County's final schedule? It looks like all their district games have been entered, but none of the none district. I guess really it doesn't matter though. According to Cougar12345 everyone should bow down now and accept their loss to Centennial.
  8. Any chatter about this hire? I had read before on here that there might be an announcement today or tomorrow?
  9. In all seriousness.... are there any rumblings as to who the first HC will be?
  10. This seems to be Centennial's motto every year....... just like a cubs fan
  11. Here's the thing, both teams played a terrific game, it was truly a hard fought battle, and most importantly, BOTH teams got the ball in the 2nd overtime and had an opportunity to win the game. YES, the officials screwed up, however both teams had the chance. Franklin came up with the win, lick your wounds, and move on. Lastly, how can you put this on the Franklin coaches and question their integrity? the officials told Franklin to put their defense on the field. The game had just almost been lost, and there was an amazing blocked extra point to keep them alive. Stayed alive after the first overtime. You can't say it's the Franklin coaches fault when they are in the heat of the battle and emotions are flying. Coaches catch enough flack without having to deal with this sort of garbage. Referees should have fixed the problem. Don't talk about class when Smyrna had someone pushing and yelling at a ref so much that the police had to escort him out of the stadium Congrats to Smyrna on a great season. It says a lot about your kids that you fought through 5 OT games. As for Franklin, you better stay focused and be ready for Brentwood. This will not be like the last time.
  12. You obviously don't understand how this game, or especially how Brentwood, works. There is no way that Franklin will shut out Brentwood, it just won't happen. Brentwood is coming in with a vengence and if I was Franklin I'd make sure to forget that last game and move on. I'd also find out who this punk is that makes Franklin look so bad and disconnect his computer. You're a fool
  13. Gotta love and hate it all at the same time. These two teams have met so many times in the playoffs over the last several years. This will for sure be another instant classic. Glad to hear that this one is back at Franklin, anything to stay out of Brentwood's stadium Here's to hoping for better officiating than the first matchup this year and the Smyrna refs. This will come down to which team can get their players healthy and make the least amount of mistakes
  14. Gosh this forum is making me puke. #1 - football kicker - get a life. No one cares about what you did in 2004, or what you claimed to have done and had your daddy pad your stats. It's tough to claim to be the best kicker in the state that year when you were the 2nd best kicker on that team. How was that college career? Oh wait, you couldn't cut it. As for "that other kicker" I seem to remember a much more successful career at MTSU, so you quiet now. #2 - Whoever rebel0471 is, you need to worry about practice and stay off of Coach T. It's obvious that you're on the team, and this needs to be the last thing that anyone from Franklin's team is worrying about., #3 - The difference in all of the turnover from the first game is simply this right here....Franklin committed most of their own turnovers (fumbles, muffed punt, etc) However the difference in Smyrna's turnover is that Franklin D FORCED them. There is a major difference there, something that most don't realize especially if they weren't at the first game. Bottom line, that was week 5, this is playoffs round 1. Neither team is the same to this point. I thought that Williamson County were the vaunted ones, but Rutherford County is rather full of themselves. How about everyone quit talking about the last game and move on to the current one since both teams are now 0-0 at this point? Smyrna did make a deep run at the playoffs last year, congrats, but give Franklin some credit where it's due. Franklin just recorded it's 100th win in the last 10 years, so I'd say that they've had some successes in recent years as well.
  15. Would you still have a complaint if it so worked out that your team played Coffee County in the first round? I highly doubt it.
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