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  1. Olive Branch football coach Tyler Turner to take over Goodpasture football program. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/01/07/goodpasture-football-olive-branch-tyler-turner-new-coach-cougars/2832215001/
  2. Yea this game played out like I expected. The Rams had a decent team in the EAST but a 5-5 team at best in the middle TN with BGA, CPA, FRA, LA, and Goodpasture.
  3. Yea not sure Grace can stop LA from throwing the ball all over the field tomorrow night. They only way Grace can win is to put Lipscomb QB on the ground many times and make him move. If he can stand in pocket with little pressure LA wins by 3 TDs or more. After watching both teams from the sidelines doing video neither team seems to be that big or fast but both can throw the ball very well. Might be a high scoring game.
  4. Wishing the Rams good luck next week, as you are going to need a lot of of it. It would be cool to see the Rams upset Lipscomb to end Coach Dilfers first season. They have a really good sophomore QB and a couple of really good WR. This is a totally different Lipscomb team that you may have seen in the past. They no longer line up in a wingT. They are simalr to the Rams and like to throw the ball a lot to set up the run. If the Rams can pressure the QB and put him on the ground a bunch you might have a chance. They will try to run up the score and will not be surprised if they don't score 40+. One more thought that I'm sure the Rams fan may not agree with. If Goodpasture had played the the same schedule that the Rams played this season the Cougars would have gone either 7-3 or 8-2. In comparison if the Rams played CPA, BGA, FRA, Lipscomb, NCS, and East Nashville I would be bet that the Rams record would be 4-6 or 5-5 at best. My 2 cents which is probably what it is worth.
  5. Seen NCS up close and since last year they've acquired a few impact players that make them a tough team to beat in lower DII division. Only watched couple of HUDL game videos of USJ and if they dont turn the ball over and get the keep close USJ might have a chance, but end of the 3rd and 4th quarter I see NCS pulling away by pounding the rock. NCS 42 USJ 14. My 2 cents.
  6. NCS has 9 or so players who became eligible within the last couple of weeks that have totally changed the make up of the team. NCS will be a tough match up for DA and from what I saw last Friday night would say that the Eagles will probably win this one. Side note: Everyone knows that there is holding on every play in football, however when a Defensive Lineman wearing a tight form fitted jersey has it ripped off him through out the night one would assume there is some serious holding happening. DA I recommend prior to the game that you make sure the refs know that if the kickoff goes into the endzone it is a touchback. DA If you haven't seen this yet here a little taste of what to expect tonight. There was a standard facemask flag thrown on this play, but many were curious if it could have been more.
  7. I only call things like I see them. Here a little something from the first series of the game in the 1st quarter. Face mask was called on this play but does it qualify as flagrant? Does it qualify for player ejection?
  8. Is this a targeting call? Curious what other people think if this a Targeting Helmet to Helmet hit? There was a no call on the field from this viscous hit that happened directly in front of two separate refs. Defensive player led with his helmet.
  9. NCS vs Goodpasture Last night I witnessed Nashville Christian live and as I expected coach Brothers lived up his reputation yet again. Goodpasture was visiting NCS and both teams battled all night with NCS pulling it out in the end. With a thin roster this year Goodpasture just ran out of gas after leading most of the game. I have been to a lot of high school football games over the last 12 years have done 100’s of highlight videos over that time. I was blown away how dirty NCS was and was one of the most unsportsmanlike football team I have ever seen. NCS had 2 players ejected and should’ve had 2 more. There were some questionable no calls but I’m not going to blame the outcome of the refs. With approx 1 minute to go in the 4th quarter NCS was up by 12 points and basically game was over looking like they were going to kneel and run the clock out. NCS lines up in a victory formation and runs a QB sneak wedge play to try to run up the score. Never seen anything like that! Truly amazing. NCS does have some athletes and so unfortunate they are coached in this manner. I'm not stating anything that many who may be reading this post don't already know, but take this as a warning to any future team that plays NCS. Looks like all of their OL’s are taught to hold and pull jerseys on ever play until refs stop it. On this night the refs let it go all night. I have over 30 plays with video of the most blatant holding I have ever seen on video. Goodpasture had one of their DL’s jerseys almost completely ripped off. How does a DL with a tight fitting jersey get ripped off? Jeff Brothers lived up to his reputation and then some last night. Here is a sampling of what to expect if you play NCS.
  10. After a couple of turnovers and giving FCS great field position several times in the first half. Goodpasture made a few adjustments and came out and completely dominated the second half outscoring FCS 24 to 0. Not so sure FCS is as good as advertised from what I saw last night. My2cents.....
  11. After seeing BGA up close last week I can tell you that if Boyd doesn't have a good defensive pass rush the BGA QB will throw the ball all over the field. BGA has 3 really good WR's (#15 is a really good athlete with great hands.) Boyd you need to know where #15 is on every play, he's also a really good OLB/DE that will shut down the side of the field he is on. BGA has a good balance of run and pass. My take is the best way to slow down BGA is to put their QB on the ground and do it often, or he will pass for 400 yards on you!
  12. my2cents...... From what I have seen Goodpasture must protect the ball and reduce the number of turnovers. In their last 2 games against Briarcrest and BGA they had 4 fumbles and 6 INT's. Both games they would move the ball and then self-destruct with a fumble or INT. Last Friday vs BGA had the ball in the red zone twice came away with zero points. BGA has a really good QB yet again who if the Defense gives him any time at all, will find one of his WR's and put 400+ yards on you. On a side note - In Memphis, the Cougars were lining up to punt just seconds into the 4th Quarter Briarcrest is up 41 to 0 and they pack 10 players on the line of scrimmage to try and block the Cougars punt! The play resulted in the Punter getting knocked down and Briarcrest got a Penalty Flag for Roughing the Kicker! This was one of the crazy things I have ever seen at a High School game. Rushing to Block a punt when you are up 40+ points with a running clock! Anyways, I think the FCS vs Goodpasture game should be interesting.
  13. Yea last year during the DCA game when GP's QB1 left the game in the 2nd quarter after getting sick and throwing up all over the sideline, a freshmen QB3 entered the game. After handing off 2 times this 14-year-old freshman on his first pass in high school throws a 70 yard pick 6 LOL. Welcome to high school football.
  14. Saw Hillwood scrimmage Station Camp and the Hilltoppers looked pretty solid on both side of the ball. SC was big and athletic and I think HW scored more TD's, but it was a scrimmage as both teams were testing out players. HW is much improved on offense and will move the ball down the field with deceiving small QB that is a good passer and will run it as well. HW has a really good TE that is the best receiver on the team that has great hands, that if not accounted for will catch a few in the end zone.
  15. A couple of players that were hurt last year are now playing but basically, the same team as they only had 7 seniors last year. I know they finished 1-9 but again Goodpasture wasn't as bad as their record indicated last year. Like I mentioned in an earlier post they had a pretty tough schedule. GP played 3 teams that made it to Cookeville State Championship game(Friendship, DCA, South Pitt), 3 teams in the regular season went 10-0(Friendship, DA, South Pitt) with 2 other teams going 9-1(D2AAA Briarcrest, BGA). Not saying they will win a Gold Ball and still not at the level Goodpasture has been in the past yet. They need more meat and depth on the OL and DL but have some athletes that can make up for size up front. They are much improved on both sides of the ball compared to last year from what I have seen so far this year. Still havent played a really good team yet and next week travel to Memphis to play D2AAA Briarcrest who has 6 or 7 D1 recruits. We'll have a better look at what the Cougars can do against a really good team compared to last week. stay tuned...
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